A View From the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop

On April 4-6, I had the pleasure of returning as faculty to the amazing Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference in Dayton, Ohio. Thank you for inviting me Teri Rizvi (learn all about Teri in episode #59 of Freelance Writing Direct. And, yes, I wore my tiara (an Erma tradition for some).

I taught my micro memoir workshop and loved the feedback I received from people who felt empowered to write and submit — some who hadn’t written anything in decades. (Please continue to send me your emails).  I also went to quite a few of the other workshops, including a fabulous one from publishing guru Jane Friedman about freelancing, an engaging humor writing one from Elissa Bassist (that was briefly interrupted by an earthquake happening back east –talk about a punchline) and that also gave me my new mantra — “I need and like external validation so please give it to me” — thank you Elissa. I also sat in on Lori Zakiela’s interactive one on the power of 3’s, and Kelly McMaster’s brilliant workshop on scene building, where I got to share scenarios from growing up in the 70s. Check out Kelly’s episode #39 on Freelance Writing Direct.

I met and spoke with everyone, including people I was meeting for the first time who had been on the podcast, such as Bill Kenower (check out episode #78), and writers I’ve worked with and edited and a ton of new people.

My book sold out (!). Thank you to the booksellers from Barnes & Noble. One of the booksellers told me she bought the last book and asked me to sign it for her.

And, I so enjoyed the keynotes, including a brand new one from Zibby Owens, “Did You Know That…” and we learned a lot about Zibby including businesses she almost started (like a cake crumb business) and other avenues she started down. Ultimately, all of us writers are lucky she landed where she is today building her publishing empire. (Zibby’s episode#36).  Did you see the episode I did on her podcast, Mom’s Don’t Have Time to Read Books? Here is a link. I also did a virtual event with Zibby on the state of book publishing  for the Women’s Media Group this week, and will post about that soon.

Estelle Erasmus on MDHTTRB

At the conference I listened to keynotes from the great Anna Quindlen, Jacquine Mitchard, and a bring-the-house-down, not a dry eye in the house, Wade Rouse (aka Viola Shipman) my new favorite author.

Wade Rouse

With Wade Rouse (Viola Shipman).


And reconnected with so many more.


And I got drawn (again) by the very talented Artist in Residence, Bob Eckstein (who like me, is also a Contributing Editor for Writer’s

Digest) .Drawn by Bob Eckstein

Check out episode #62 with Writer’s Digest editor-in-chief Amy Jones.

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Writing That Gets Noticed is now in Poets & Writers “Best Book for Writers” and was a book pick in the Time is Now newsletter for Poets & Writers. I’m so honored. Thank you!

New Interview

I have long admired Hippocampus Magazine, and written for its craft column. I have also  been a speaker at the Hippocamp conferences. That makes it really exciting to be interviewed about Writing That Gets Noticed by Interviews Editor and author Lara Lillibridge. Check out our conversation here.

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  1. Michelle Spencer

    It was such a pleasure FINALLY meeting you! Your classes and workshops are amazing!

    • Estelle

      Michelle, I loved hanging with you and getting to know you. Thank you!

    • Estelle

      Thanks,Kerrie. Loved our time together. We will talk soon!