#82 Showcasing Your Writer’s Vision and Voice Through Video to Make an Impact

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Video expert Kim Rittberg


I met Kim Rittberg through our good friend, author and financial expert, Bobbi Rebell (check out Bobbi’s episode  #51 here). Then we reconnected at Podfest24 in Orlando  (see my post about that fun event here).

Kim invited me on to her podcast, The Exit Interview with Kim Rittberg and I loved our interview on How to Get Your Freelance Writing Published (check it out here). She has such great media experience that I knew that she would add so much value to the podcast by breaking down her vast expertise on how to make an impact with video. Writers often don’t know what to do, or even how to get started and Kim is the perfect guide for that process. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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In This Episode

  • How writers and authors should be leveraging video
  • Common mistakes that writers and authors make
  • How to pull wisdom nuggets from every genre to video
  • The “Fast C’s” to making content that connect with people
  • Kim’s PATCH method

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About Kim

Kim Rittberg is an award-winning digital marketer and thought leader who helps professionals become thought leaders and businesses become brands through video & podcasts. She is the founder of Video Boot Camp and spent 15 years as a media executive at Netflix, PEOPLE Magazine, in TV News and launched the first-ever video unit for Us Weekly magazine and was integral in its $100 million sale. She now applies that to business owners to grow their income, leads & credibility. Kim has been featured in Business Insider and Forbes and contributes to Fast Company, is a speaker across the country including at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Convention, Fast Company Innovation Festival and guest lectures at Syracuse University. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School. She also hosts the top 1% podcast The Exit Interview with Kim Rittberg and is a judge for the Webbys and Anthem Awards. Kim’s podcast was spurred by her decision to quit corporate and launch her own business after working in the hospital while giving birth to her second child. The podcast helps self-employed people bet on themselves and win with founders’ stories and tangible concrete advice as well as solo mini-masterclass marketing episodes. Fun fact: Kim spent a year backpacking solo and used to perform improv comedy. Not at the same time obliviously. She also speaks Spanish.

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Check out my Episode How to Get Your Freelance Writing Published on The Exit Interview with Kim Rittberg

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She runs this VIP package once a year. It’s an amazing day, Kim says. It’s a merging of a VIP Photo/Shoot Day, On-Camera Training and Messaging & Pitch Package. And it ends with a dinner at Soho House and you will get 6-8 months of content. Check it out here.
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