#53 From Poetry to Middle Grade Fiction to Molecule

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Kevin Carey


I first met Kevin Carey when he was a guest speaker for my NYU class on Micro Memoir when he spoke about the micro memoir site Molecule. He was so generous with his advice, that I was thrilled to hear that he had a new Middle Grade Fiction book coming out and asked him to speak about the book, poetry, Molecule and more on this program.

I was proud to be a staff reader for the latest issue of Molecule.

In this episode:
• How Kevin came up with the idea of writing Junior Miles and the Junkman [3:13]
• The transition of writing poetry to writing middle grade fiction [6:24]
• Writing compelling characters and taking them on a conflict-filled, dramatic journey [9:58]
• Tips for telling short stories in the literary journal Molecule in 50 words or less [13:27]
• Stealing fact from fiction [29:07]
• Revising and tightening up your writing [31:01]

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Connect with Kevin

Kevin Carey is Coordinator of Creative Writing at Salem State University. Books include: The Beach People (2014), The One Fifteen to Penn Station (2012), Jesus Was a Homeboy (2016) which was an Honor book for the Paterson Literary Prize, & Set in Stone (2020). His poems have appeared on The Writers Almanac on National Public Radio three times and on The Academy of American Poets Poem a Day. Kevin is also a playwright and a filmmaker. He has co-directed & co-produced two documentaries about poets, All That Lies Between Us and Unburying Malcolm Miller. A crime novel, Murder in the Marsh, from Darkstroke Books, was released in October (2020). A new middle grade novel Junior Miles and the Junkman will be out in September of 2023 from Fitzroy Books / Regal House Publishing and a co-written poetry collection Olympus Heights (Lily Poetry Review) will hit in October of 2023.

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