Don’t Miss This Day of Learning All About Memoir From The Host of The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

I was so delighted when I was a guest on the amazing podcast, The Shit No One Tells You About Writing, and host and my friend Bianca Marais interviewed me about my book Writing That Gets Noticed (order here) and I was able to share so many great tips like the ones below (in the photos).

Bianca is such a great writer and writing teacher, and I was thrilled for her to appear on Episode #63 of Freelance Writing Direct talking about writing a book with characters who are witches, and how to tell stories in a way that gets audience attention (the type of conversation I love).

That’s also why I have to share the fabulous day of learning All About Memoir that Bianca has put together that also includes several former guests from Freelance Writing Direct. You can find out the intel and sign up here.

All About Memoir

Also, while we are talking memoir, don’t miss my recent episode #83 with Abigail Thomas, Writing Your Way Into an Enthralling and Engaging Story, and of course, episode #38 with Cheryl Strayed, on Writing and Tiny Beautiful Things, and episode #81 with Maggie Smith, The Art of Shaping a Compelling Story — all reigning queens of memoir.

And you also want to check out my recent new format where I periodically do episodes where I consult with a writer and share my expertise, like here in episode #84, Estelle’s Edge: Live Coaching to Get Your Writing Noticed.

All episodes are now being taped for YouTube as well. So subscribe to my channel here.

If You’re Interested in Micro Memoir

Since I have your attention, I’d like to also share my own memoir event — an interactive workshop for Writer’s Digest where I’ll be working with you on micro memoirs (small pieces 200 words and under), and you will emerge with one of your own using my strategy. Many of my students have published pieces for the New York Times’ Tiny Love Stories, 5 Minute Lit, 100 Words, and more. Sign up here for Making Your Mark with Micro Memoir.

From The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

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