#84 Estelle’s Edge: Live Coaching to Get Your Writing Noticed

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Journalist, Anna Medaris


I’m really excited about this new feature I am introducing to the Freelance Writing Direct podcast. It is live coaching episodes where I tap into my 3 decades of publishing experience and help writers at every stage of their careers solve their most pressing problems, and guide them on next steps to navigate through issues and elevate their work.

I’m delighted to have mid-career journalist Anna Medaris on the first episode discussing three of the issues she is facing as a steadily working journalist with big goals.

Anna reached out to me on social media, we exchanged emails, and when she shared her dilemmas, an idea was borne. My students benefit from my decades of experience and my life wisdom, and so do the readers of Writing That Gets Noticed, so why don’t I bring it to the podcast in an even more concrete way, I thought.

If you know anything about me, you know that I like to pivot, don’t stick to a script (or scripted questions), and I’m constantly trying to add value for my audience, students and followers.

Enjoy this episode, and if you are interested in live coaching in an episode, please email me at [email protected] (and put live coaching in the subject line). We can talk about your business, publishing in general, craft questions, publishing books questions, book proposal writing questions, pitching or essay issues, editor etiquette questions, querying, you name it, I’ve done it and can help you navigate through it. It helps if you have seen/heard several episodes before you email me.

At this time, I am not looking for unsolicited guests for the program, except for the coaching episodes.

If you are interested in a business-focused episode, try episode #75: Charting the Trends in Publishing.


There are still some spots open for my Micro Memoir Workshop for Writer’s Digest on May 23.

I would love to see you there.

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About Anna Medaris

Anna Medaris is a freelance health and lifestyle journalist with nearly 15 years of experience writing features, narratives, explainers, profiles, and news hits for publications including the Washington Post, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, US News & World Report, Vox, Everyday Health, Monitor on Psychology, and others. She left staff jobs to go freelance full-time for the first time in June 2023. Anna is passionate about, and skilled in, telling sensitive human-interest stories (from heartbreaking tales of maternal suicide to light-hearted exposes of runners’ digestive issues), critiquing quirky cultural trends (from White Claw to cold plunges to “biological age” tests), and answering questions you didn’t know you had (what does “skoliosexual” mean? Can you cure an “emotional hangover?” Is “resting bitch face” real?). Anna has appeared as a health expert and commentator on the “TODAY Show,” “Good Morning America,” Hulu’s “Age of Influence,” and many local TV and radio stations. A champion for journalism and community, she serves as the New York City chapter lead of the Association of Healthcare Journalists; the VP of Communications for the Deadline Club, the Society of Professional Journalists’ local chapter; and as a writing coach through the New York Writing Room. Anna is a proud University of Michigan alum, recreational triathlete, and beer enthusiast who lives in Brooklyn with her husband and basset hound, Lou Longbody.

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