#89 Level Up Your Novel by Mastering Visual Imagery and Research

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Author, Amanda Churchill


I met Amanda Churchill at AWP at the Writer to Writer Mentor event. For more on AWP read this post. She told me about her new about-to-be-launched book, and I was excited to read it when I got back. Reader: I inhaled her riveting novel, and was so excited to talk to her for the program.

In This Episode

  • The challenges of writing a novel about family
  • Creating an ending in fiction you couldn’t provide in real life
  • Developing through lines and replicating motifs
  • Dealing with the intensity of writing about strong emotions 
  • Interviewing subjects and researching a novel based on family history 
  • How being a graphic designer and focusing on visual as much as the words helped Amanda write the book
  • Finding the confidence to move forward creatively without fear
  • How Amanda structured her writing process and found her agent

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About Amanda

Amanda Churchill is a writer living in Texas. Her work has been featured in Hobart Pulp, Witness, River Styx, and other outlets. She was a Writer’s League of Texas 2021 Fellow and holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of North Texas. The Turtle House is her first novel.

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