A Few Pieces of Exciting News

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some news that might have gotten buried in other posts.

1) An Event

I’m doing another free Editor-on-Call event in partnership with NYU where I teach. Check out my courses here. I created the ongoing series for NYU. This one is with Jen Ortiz, the Deputy Editor of The Cut. Join us for this fun, informative chat. Update: The spots are limited and are now sold out on Eventbrite, so join the waitlist here.

Making the Cut

2) Writing That Gets Noticed… Got Noticed

Poets & Writers named Writing That Gets Noticed as One of “The Best Books for Writers”. Thank you so much to Poets & Writers and its editor, Kevin Larimer for this honor. The book was also featured as the creative nonfiction book of the week in the publication’s newsletter “Time is Now”.

Writing That Gets Noticed is In Poets & Writers Best Books for Writers Writing That Gets Noticed in Time is now newsletter


3) I Am Now a Contributing Editor

I’ve been teaching at Writer’s Digest for the past 8 years, wrote the “All About the Pitch” column for two years, and have been the personal essays judge for the past two years as well. Now, I’m so thrilled to have received a new title. One of Contributing Editor.

4) Julianna Miner, Who Attended My Micro Memoir Workshop at The Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop Got Her Micro Memoir Published in The New York Times

If you are interested, I am partnering with Writer’s Digest for a webinar called Making Your Mark with Micro Memoir on May 23rd. Here is the link to sign up.

4) An Article  for WIRED Went to the Top

My article for WIRED , called How to Resist the Temptation of AI When Writing, went to the top of the Google Pages. And was cited in the Merrium Webster dictionary for Heart Disease. William Dameron let me know about that one.

5) I Did an Event with Zibby Owens for Women’s Media Group (WMG)

Zibby is a force in publishing. Her book Blank is a fun, Rom-com spin through the often wacky world of book publishing. Get it on my bookshop here. It’s such a great read. We spoke at an event for WMG. Zibby talked about her life, her thoughts on the publishing industry, and what she is working on next (another novel about a writer getting cancelled called OVERHEARD, announced in Variety). Make sure to check out her Episode #36 on Freelance Writing Direct, too.

With Zibby Owens for WMG

That’s all for now. Make sure to sign up for my Substack to get more info on the upcoming Editor-on-Call.

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Did I mention I have an award-winning book, Writing That Gets Noticed, that you can order here. And have you checked out all #86 of my podcast episodes for Freelance Writing Direct?