#67 How to Be a Media Friendly Author With Paula Rizzo

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Media expert Paula Rizzo


I met Paula through our mutual agent, Rita Rosenkranz, who said, “you two have to meet. You’ll both be speaking at the Writer’s Digest Conference this summer.” So we met and shared a table where we signed our books and figured out that we also belong to the Women’s Media Group. I was impressed with her knowledge and presentation skills and asked her to be on the program. I’m so glad I did.

My Havanese Rose also makes an appearance in this episode.

In This Episode

What authors don’t know about media [2:26]
How to be media ready [
Timing on preparing for media interviews [
Advice for authors on getting comfortable on camera [
Paula’s accordion method for sharing information [
Advice on speaking good sound bites to break through the noise [
How to pitch media and where to find contacts [
Lists and using them to stay productive [

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About Paula

Paula Rizzo is an Emmy Award-winning television producer, best-selling author of Listful Thinking & Listful Living, a media-training coach, speaker, LinkedIn Learning Instructor, host of the live-stream show Inside Scoop, and creator of the popular online training Media-Ready Author. She media trains fiction and nonfiction authors who are both traditionally and self-published. Harper Collins, Workman Publishing and Time Inchave all hired Paula to prepare their authors for book launches. She’s also media trained executives from The New York Times, Dow Jones, Fortune 200 companies and privately-owned organizations. Paula served on the advisory board of Books for Kids, is a member of The Authors Guild and Women’s Media Group, as well as a founding member of Chief in New York City. She’s currently working on a novel and several children’s books.

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