“Singing My Dad Back To Me” Was Published in The New York Times


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I recently published my fifth piece in The New York Times (in the “Ties” column), and this one has special meaning to me, because it is an essay grounded in my very personal experience. It is about connecting to my dad who has Alzheimer’s with music and was published in the very popular “Ties” column. This is the essay: Singing My Dad Back To Me. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, I hope it gives you solace and another way to connect.

I write in the essay:

“As the months of quarantine dragged on, I worried that he might not remember who I was when he saw me again. Desperate to reach him, unable to touch him, I videotaped myself singing “Summertime” from the show “Porgy and Bess,” the same song I sang to my daughter when she was born, and posted it on Facebook.

“One of these mornings. You’re gonna rise up singing. Then you’ll spread your wings, and you’ll take the sky. But ’til that mornin’ there’s a nothing can harm you. With daddy and mammy standing by.” Mom told me dad smiled with recognition when he saw the video. “That’s Estelle,” he said. Encouraged by his reaction, I made it more personal by singing songs to him over the phone.”

You can read entire essay go here.

I’m also absolutely honored that I am getting letters and emails from so many people all around the country. I’m also delighted that so many have been sharing my essay, including Alzheimer’s associations and researchers. You can see more on Twitter and Instagram.


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