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“As the months of quarantine dragged on, I worried that he might not remember who I was when he saw me again. Desperate to reach him, unable to touch him, I videotaped myself singing “Summertime” from the show “Porgy and Bess,” the same song I sang to my daughter when she was born, and posted it on Facebook.

The New York Times, Awards, and article pitch tips

First of all, welcome to my new subscribers. It's great to have you here. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and on my professional Facebook page.

I wanted to share some news:

I had my latest (3rd) parenting article published in The New York Times today.

It is all about … Continue Reading ››

Musings on My Midlife Wisdom

Estelle ErasmusBy Estelle Erasmus

Being a midlife mom means that I've had many years  to acquire  wisdom based on life lessons I've learned.

Here are some of the things I've learned (in no particular order).

*You never know when your bad luck's your good luck. Think about it: maybe you overslept but because that happened you avoided a highway accident. Or, you didn't get the … Continue Reading ››

Mothering Through the Darkness is Here


Mothering Through the Darkness

By Estelle Erasmus

The HerStories Project editors, Stephanie Sprenger and Jessica Smock have built a reputation for developing high-quality, deeply thoughtful books with a stellar list of contributors.

I admire these ladies so much and was proud to be a contributor for My Other Ex: Women's True Stories of Losing and Leaving FriendsContinue Reading ››