#75 Charting The Trends in Publishing (Solo Episode)

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Estelle Erasmus on trends in publishing


There has been a big change in the industry recently, and in this episode I cover what has been happening and why and what you need to do about it.

I have been in publishing for 3 decades — on both sides of the publishing wall — as a gatekeeper and as a journalist/writer who has found ways to break through the gate and get noticed — which is what I cover in my book, and teach my students at NYU, in private coaching, and for Writer’s Digest.

Through the years, I have seen multiple trends emerge —— and go away. From the days that print was king, to the rise of online publications, to the start of blogging, I have been there and have been able to pivot and maximize each trend.

Here I share what is happening, what to do, and cover the changes in social media that every writer needs to be aware of.

Since people are consuming content in different ways than they were before, and advertisers are paying in different ways than they were before, publishing is going through a bumpy ride. But there is hope for content creators. Tune in to hear current trends and how you can continue to be a successful writer today. Also, what is a trend you are noticing?

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