In a Free Event October 27th I’m Speaking With Inspired Life Editor, Allison Klein


I’m so excited to be in conversation with Allison Klein, Inspired Life editor at The Washington Post in this free NYU event. As you may know, I teach at NYU. My latest class is Micro Memoir. The event is now over, but it was delightful, and more are coming based on the terrific response we received.

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Our recent episode is From Books to TED Talk: Pivoting through Topics and Finding Your Focus with Jeanette Hurt and our 3rd episode before was From Book to Screen & In-Between: Optioning Your Writing with Jack El-Hai.

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2 Responses to “In a Free Event October 27th I’m Speaking With Inspired Life Editor, Allison Klein”

  1. Margo Fowkes

    I attended the event with Allison Klein this morning (thank you for hosting it – it was terrific!). I just signed up for your newsletter but didn’t see any place to note this in order to get your top 10 writing and pitching tips. Thank you!