Breaking Down Pitches and Some Updates

First an update: My free Editor-on-Call Event in collaboration with NYU has a new date Thursday, March 2nd at 12:30-1:30 pm. So join us for a lunchtime webinar.

Here is the link to reserve your spot. And here is more information. I hope you can join us.

My NYU Class 

 I’m honored to be invited back to teach the NYU High School Academy this summer. Check out this piece for WIRED I wrote about teaching high school students.

From the Freelance Writing Direct Podcast

Sherry and I love sharing our knowledge and experience with you, and the great tips from our guests. Our latest podcasts cover humor writing, memoir writing, freelancing as a career, and analyzing pitches that my students have sent in to see what works. Check out these episodes with Wendi Aarons, Courtney, Maum, Minda Zetlin and more. Also, please subscribe and leave a review. That helps us get the podcast out in front of even more people. Email us at freelancewritingdirect (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here is a taste of our latest.

Analyzing Pitches and Attracting an Editor’s Attention

In this episode, Estelle Erasmus and Sherry Paprocki talk about what to do to make pitches resonate with an editor, and review pitches submitted by Estelle’s students, sharing what works, what doesn’t, and how to revise to get accepted.
In this episode:
• The difference between a pitch and a more formal query letter. 
• Tips for sending a pitch to an editor in today’s world. 
• Real-time review of anonymous pitches 

The Year of the Horses and Books with Courtney Maum

In this episode, Estelle Erasmus and Sherry Paprocki speak with Courtney Maum. 
Courtney is the author of five books, including the groundbreaking publishing guide that Vanity Fair recently named one of the ten best books for writers, BEFORE AND AFTER THE BOOK DEAL and the memoir THE YEAR OF THE HORSES, chosen by The Today Show as the best read for mental health awareness. In this episode Courtney speaks about
• How she navigates through multiple genres.
• The importance of building connections with other creatives in the writing world.
• Tips for connecting with publishers. 
• Advice on how writers can prioritize their mental health 

Humor Writing and Wearing Tunics with Wendi Aarons

In this episode, Estelle Erasmus and Sherry Paprocki speak with Wendi Aarons, an award-winning humor writer who has two books out now, and one more coming this year. In this episode Wendi talks about

• How she started writing about humor and finding her voice
• The rule of 3s in writing humor
• More tips on writing using humor and working in different genres
• The importance of networking and finding connection

From Columnist to Author: Career Self Care with Minda Zetlin

In this episode, Estelle Erasmus and Sherry Paprocki speak with Minda Zetlin. Minda is the author of her new book Career Self-Care and writes the highly popular “Laid-Back Leader” column for Inc.

Getting the Gigs and the Glory: Maximizing Your Freelance Profit

In this episode, I interview my co-host Sherry Paprocki about how to maximize your freelance profits. Whether you are a beginner writer, or already have freelance clients, this episode will be really helpful for you. 

All Good Things Come to An End

As I recently announced on social media, After 2 years I will no longer be writing the “All About the Pitch” column for Writer’s Digest. It has been a wild ride, I loved working with the team at WD, and I so appreciate the emails and messages the readers have sent my way, which I will be sharing on TikTok.

In my last column in the January/February issue, I interview Andrea Zimmerman, editor-at-large for Your Tango, I offer some writing advice, and mention that I will still be writing and teaching for Writer’s Digest. Stay tuned for an article from me in the June issue. 

Why Penny Marshall’s ‘Laverne’ is the Role Model Who Saved Me

I was thrilled to publish my story about Laverne and how she affected my life in AARP’s The Ethel. Read it here.

Irish Dancing Does It

My student Tess Clarkson published a story about how she blossomed through Irish Dancing after being afraid to call attention to herself in Huffington Post Personal. Read it here.

The Book

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my book-in-progress news for my book for New World Library: WRITING THAT GETS NOTICED: Find Your Voice, Become a Better Storyteller, Get Published.

After working with the thorough copyedits and providing my responses, I’m now waiting for the next review where I will have (hopefully) less to do. All I have to say is a good copyeditor is essential when it comes to a book, even for a seasoned editor like myself. The book truly is my baby and I’m about to enter the third trimester, and in New World Library I have a great prenatal team taking me through the journey. More on this soon.

Take care and make good decisions in life (and in publishing).