#90: Bonus Episode: Estelle’s Edge on the U.S. Book Show 2024

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Estelle at U.S. Book show


My award-winning book Writing That Gets Noticed is one year old today!!

In honor of my book birthday, I am offering a bonus episode,  in addition to my regular episode, where I share my first-hand experience of attending the 2024 U.S. Book Show as media, presented by Publishers Weekly and the Association of American Literary Agents.

The much-anticipated annual event, hosted by NYU’s SPS Center for Publishing and Applied Liberal Arts at NYU’s Kimmel Center in New York City, brought the industry together for continuing education, discussion of emerging trends, and networking to foster relationships within the publishing community.

This episode covers the rise (and increasing dominance) of audiobooks, the importance of libraries and librarians, the significance of personal connections in publishing, and my thoughts on using AI as an author. Plus, some good news on the audiobook front for Writing That Gets Noticed (spoiler alert: it comes out in August), and I love the voice of the person reading it. And, I even got to read the introduction. Taping it in a studio was so much fun, too.

If you want to celebrate my book birthday, please get my book and if you love it leave a review on Amazon. It helps spread the word and really does count!

Also, today is my Editor-on-Call event with Jen Ortiz, Deputy Editor of The Cut. Another in the series I do in partnership with NYU, where I teach writing classes. I love doing these series and will follow up with a recount of the session on Substack.

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Here are some pics from the U.S. Book Show


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In Student News

My student and friend Tess Clarkson and I spent some quality time at AWP. In an impromptu brainstorming session at breakfast, I suggested that she focus her next essay on how working with elderly and hospice patients as a death doula has changed her for the better. She shared the result this month in AARP’s The GirlfriendHow Serving Dying Strangers Has Changed My Life.
It’s a great read! Congrats, Tess!