#76 Working with a Literary Agent – Rita Rosenkranz

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Rita Rosenkranz

When I started thinking about writing a book about writing distilled from my three decades of experience in publishing as an assigning editor and as a widely published journalist/essayist and writing teacher, I did my research.

After speaking to a dozen agents, I was delighted to sign with Rita Rosenkranz, owner of Rita Rosenkranz literary agency. Rita is a respected agent with decades of experience behind her, and she is extremely prolific with book sales to credible publishers as well , as we discuss here.

I’m so excited to bring Rita to you.

In This Episode:

How to research literary agents [3:39]
How to build your credibility before publishing a book or working with a literary agent [
Maintaining a professional relationship with your literary agent [
What makes a good, responsible author [
How authors can navigate contracts and how literary agents can help [
19:47] Advice on advocating for yourself as an author [23:18]
How to connect with Rita if you are interested in her as a literary agent [

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About Rita

Rita Rosenkranz founded Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency after working as an editor at major publishers. She represents almost exclusively adult non-fiction titles in all major categories. She looks for familiar topics presented freshly and lesser-known topics presented commercially. She works with mainstream houses as well as regional publishers for niche projects.

Connect with Rita:


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