#69 A Chat with the Editorial Director of New World Library

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Georgia A. Hughes


I’m so delighted to share my episode with Georgia A. Hughes, the Editorial Director for New World Library, who is the acquiring editor for Writing That Gets Noticed, and who I so enjoyed working with during the process of writing and publishing my book. Read about that here.

Georgia and I got a chance to meet in person at the recent Atlanta Writer’s Conference, when we both spoke at the conference. I led two sessions on working with publishers, and Georgia met with writers. Now, you get to learn about Georgia, too.

In This Episode

  • The elements of a good author/publisher relationship
  • The kinds of books New World Library publishes
  • What proposal submissions need to include
  • How authors can road test their book ideas
  • Insights on how authors should be building their platforms
  • Trends that Georgia has seen in the publishing industry and her thoughts on A1
  • What makes New World Library stand out from other publishers
  • Estelle’s experience with New World Library

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About Georgia A. Hughes

Georgia A. Hughes is editorial director at New World Library, where she acquires and edits nonfiction books in the areas of spirituality, personal growth, sustainable business, relationships, health and well-being, animals, and women’s issues. New World Library, publisher of the bestselling The Power of Now and other award-winning books, strives to publish books that help readers change their lives and the world, and aims for diversity and inclusion. Prior to joining New World Library, Georgia worked as a bookseller, at HarperCollins, and as a freelance editor. Recent acquisitions include Writing That Gets Noticed by Estelle Erasmus, Say It Out Loud by Vasavi Kumar,  Hagitude by Sharon Blackie, The Eloquence of Silence by Thomas Moore, Bones & Honey by Danielle Dulsky, and Growing Big Dreams by Robert Moss.

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Writing That Gets Noticed Wins a Zibby Award for the “Best Book for The Writer” https://estelleserasmus.com/writing-that-gets-noticed-wins-a-zibby-award/

New Interviews

  • I’m very excited to be on the the Finding Your Bliss podcast with host, Judy Librach on Zoomer Radio and also on  the podcast.  Here is the link, and here I am singing “Summertime” on Soundcloud (which was in the Zoomer Radio version). This is a song I sung to my dad who has Alzheimer’s during the Pandemic. And this is the New York Times piece I wrote about it, Singing My Dad Back to Me.

Panel Alert

  • Here is a preview of Podfest 2024! I can’t wait to be in Orlando in a few weeks with Ronit Plank, host  of Let’s Talk Memoir  and Bianca Marais, host of The Shit No One Tells You About Writing. We will be discussing “Creating a Podcast focused on Writing and Publishing”. This is the description for our session:
    Build Your Podcast on Writing & Publishing-Tips from the Experts
    A panel of experts will share the A-Z of developing and building a podcast focused on writing and publishing offering their best tips and tricks, including how to maximize content to expand reach, and best interviewing practices. Panelists include: Estelle Erasmus, Freelance Writing Direct,  Ronit Plank, Let’s Talk Memoir and Bianca Marais, The Shit No One Tells You About Writing. Please join us for our fast-moving session packed with advice from our combined decades of writing, publishing, and podcasting.


    • Estelle Erasmus, Host, Freelance Writing Direct podcast, Author, Writing That Gets Noticed, NYU Writing Professor
    • Ronit Plank, Let’s Talk Memoir podcast , Host and Producer
    • Bianca Marais, The Shit No One Tells You About Writing, Author and Podcast Host



  • I had a two-page spread on “Tantalizing Titles” in the January/February issue of Writer’s Digest (on stands now).
  • I was thrilled (and scared) to write about my invisible disability and how it affects my parenting  in I’m Learning to Listen in New Ways for Shondaland.
  • Here is my 2023 year end wrap-up.
  • Don’t miss my latest substack issue called Step Right Up for a Pitch Analysis for paid subscribers. I’ve enjoyed editing your submissions and you will learn about some of them in two weeks on an episode of Freelance Writing Direct.