#60 Shutter Secrets: Searching For and Using Photos in Your Writing

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Photography Expert Nicole DiMella


Most of my guests on Freelance Writing Direct are people that I know or have learned about from other colleagues and friends. But Nicole DiMella, who is a member of Women’s Media Group, an organization I belong to reached out, and I thought what she does: Sourcing photos for publishers and large organizations would be so helpful for you to learn about, and co-opt some of her strategies when you are looking for your own photos. I’m delighted to have her on the program.

In This Episode

How to locate and verify images to use with your writing [4:05]
What exactly is a photo license? [5:00]
Free sources for writers to find pictures [
Keywords to help find the best photos for your creative writing pieces [
Specs to consider, such as color, composition and file size [
How colors can impact the way people feel about your writing [
How Nicole got into this niche industry [

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About Nicole DiMella

Nicole DiMella is a lifelong art student, working as a photographer, with photographers, and with photography her entire career. She believes pictures have the power to teach and is doing her small part to grow brains of all ages every day. With publishers such as Encyclopedia Britannica, National Geographic and Dorling Kindersley she consults on image research, copyright and permissions, and photo editing. She also works one-on-one with authors and other content creators to find and clear images for their projects. Nicole was going to be a rock photographer but instead lives in New Jersey and drives a minivan.

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