#56 Writing About Food With Laura Burak, and I’m in Inc. Magazine

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Writer and nutritionist Laura Burak


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Now, on to this episode:

I met Laura on Instagram, and was impressed with her no nonsense way of communicating important information about health and nutrition to her followers i. She is a registered dietitian, and not only talks about food and nutrition, she is also a prolific writer on the subject, with the goal of helping her audience and readers make good choices. What she does in that realm is a lot like what I do when I talk or teach about writing and publishing. For those reasons, I knew I’d love to have her on the podcast.

In This Episode 

  • Laura’s expertise writing about food [2:43]
  • Writing and interviewing in short sound bites [17:14]
  • Working with editors [5:33]
  • Tips for writing reader-friendly, inspirational stories [4:24]
  • How to become the go-to expert in your industry or niche [11:46]
  • Trendspotting to excel at writing and publishing [23:45]

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About Laura

Laura Burak is a nationally recognized registered dietitian of over 20 years, a media spokesperson, published author, and freelance writer and recipe developer. Laura founded GetNaked® Nutrition with a mission to teach you how to ditch serial dieting and strip down to the simplicity of food and nutrition while also finding joy and pleasure from it, including lots of fun snacks and food finds.

Although the majority of her time has been spent working in hospital and private practice settings, Laura has been an adjunct professor at NYU, frequently contributes to media outlets and is the founder of the online community and course GetNaked Prep School. Her most recent publication is a health and recipe book entitled Slim Down with Smoothies. Laura sits on the medical expert board for Eat This, Not That and is an ambassador for The Nutritious Life Studio. Most significantly, Laura is a mom to two kids who love to challenge her encouragement of green foods and lives in the Long Island suburbs outside the city.

Laura keeps it realer than real when it comes to the craziness of your busy life and strives to create a positive, comfortable environment to discuss what can sometimes feel like daunting and sensitive topics.   

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