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I demystify the craft of writing for my clients and students so they can get published, over and over again.I also teach writing for NYU and for Writer’s Digest.

I was an editor for Narratively, where I reviewed pitches and worked with writers editing their stories. You can see my work here.

I wrote a column for Forbes on the steps and stories of side hustles and second gigs, including publishing advice. 

I am currently on a book deadline for a writing and craft book for New World Library (to be published in 2023), so I’m not taking on new coaching students but I am still teaching for NYU and Writer’s Digest. See all my latest classes here.

Check out my testimonials from students and editors. Some of my work includes award-winning articles that have gone viral for The New York Times, Romper, The Washington Post and more.

I am on both sides of the publishing wall (as an assigning editor and as a widely published writer), so I have specialized experience understanding the needs of both. I’m also expert at taking highly complex information (whether medical, academic or scientific) and putting it into a reader-friendly format.  In addition, I’m creative, resourceful and a great brainstormer.  My students have been published in prestigious publications, traditionally published anthologies and have won awards for their books.

My clients/students  keep me in their back pocket, and that gives them the confidence to know that I will work with their ideas and copy to get them on sites like The New York Times, LA Times, Brain, Child, Your Teen for ParentsThe Atlantic, Saveur, Brain, Child, The Washington Post, Quartz, Salon, The Guardian, Refinery29, Dame, NPR, Business Insider and more.

My students call me a “literary fairygodmother “and say working with me is like  “publishing on steroids,” because once they get published it continues fast and furiously.

For example, here are a few recent testimonials (also on my testimonials page)

I’d wanted to write for The New York Times for years but didn’t know how to pitch properly. Estelle Erasmus helped me every step of the way and I’m proud to say my article was published on our first try! I couldn’t have done it without her!” —Nir Eyal (author of Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life)

“Estelle accepted my pitch, and helped me edit and publish my first story for Narratively, and it was wonderful to work whither on it! She was patient, understanding, incredibly accessible, a PLEASURE to work with, and let me keep my own voice throughout the piece—which I appreciate so much! I loved working with her and hope that I can again soon. Thank you, Estelle!”—Angela Lundberg 

“I just started working with Estelle as my writing coach and I have a publishing success to shout about. Because of Estelle’s editing and crafting help, my article “A Dead And Company Concert Helped Me Heal 30 Years After Losing My Son” was just published on Huffington Post Personals. This is something I’ve been working on for months. My ideal was HuffPost but many discouraged me because it’s such a difficult venue to break in to.

When I met Estelle through her excellent course on “How to Pitch” sponsored by Writer’s Digest, she helped me rewrite the Grateful Dead pitch and send to an editor at the magazine. When I was invited to submit the full essay (around 4000) but cut to 1800 words, I hired Estelle to make the major cuts and edits. When she was through, she had preserved the essence of this piece that is so close to my heart. She also made it appealing to HuffPost because they accepted her edited version. This is an important moment for me and I’m so grateful to Estelle for making it happen, and I look forward to continuing to work with her as my 1 x 1 writing coach.”—Judy Nelson

It’s Time to Get to the Next Level

Whether you are a blogger wanting to get to the next step in your career or a published writer, I am your go-to-troubleshooter  for those articles that you want to get placed.

I have a passion for the written word and specialize in helping writers keep their voice, while honing their writing. When we work together, I will evaluate your writing and tell you how to fix it,  structure it, make better word choices, create greater clarity and get rid of repetition  to make your essays or articles flow. My eagle eye will capture your grammatical, typographical, spelling and punctuation errors. In the process, I share my editing tips and tricks. 

I’ll also tell you how to pitch it so your piece will get published.

What other satisfied clients are saying:

“Estelle is a widely published writer and an insightful editor who offers specific advice on how to shape the narrative arc of your essay. She will push you to consider various angles in your writing to help improve your essay, as well as offer practical insights to help you become a better writer. She helped shepherd an essay of mine to fruition, and it resulted in being published in a prestigious publication.” —Rudri Patel

“I can’t say enough positive things about working with Estelle! She’s an inspiring and thorough editor and teacher. She’s accessible, reliable and authentic. She has a wonderful eye for details and is an expert word wrangler. She’s helped me polish my prose, inspired me to write new essays and encouraged me along the way.” —Dr. Juli Fraga