I’ve Joined Substack To Allow for Greater Interaction with You

Hi everyone,

Well, as April starts, we are looking at beautiful weather here in the Northeast. I hope your part of the country or world is doing its part, too.

So, I’ve joined Substack. What does this mean? I’m not sure. I’m still learning about it. Like most other social media-type tools, it could all go away tomorrow which is why I’m keeping this blog, too. But, Substack does allow for greater interaction. Which means I can do Friday office hours for paid subscribers, and I can offer special opportunities (like to get a pitch read and maybe used as part of an upcoming post there), that I just can’t do through this site.

So, I’ve moved over my mailing list (in the 1000s) to Substack. You will be getting posts called Estelle Erasmus/Writing That Gets Noticed (the name of my upcoming book (available for pre-order now), and this will be the banner you see, so don’t get surprised. I sent a post out yesterday and you should have received that. If not, please let me know and subscribe.

The Book Banner for my Substack site

The Banner for my Substack site

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed, that my blog has gone through a redesign. I’m thrilled with how it looks, courtesy of Jenny Medford of Websy Daisy. I feel like she captured my personality, attitude, and yes, voice with her design. I asked her to use the concept I had on a business card, and she followed it all the way through. Thank you, Jenny.

If you didn’t read my Substack, I need to share here that Publisher’s Weekly reviewed my book and told everyone ”

Buy This Book.” I’m so grateful and happy about that.

More about that on Substack where I also covered my last Editor-on-Call NYU event with a New York Times editor

Let’s connect there, too.