I Was a Guest on Zibby Owens’ Podcast Mom’s Don’t Have Time to Read Books

If you haven’t yet been exposed to the Zibbyverse where have you been?

Zibby Owens has been busy for the past several years building an empire in publishing, running an award-winning podcast (more on that), writing essays and books (Blank is her newest, and it’s a novel, and I just adore her story of Pippa, a feisty woman taking on publishing and spinning it in a new direction).

Pre-pandemic, back in 2019, I invited Zibby to be on a panel for ASJA on writing about parenting, back when I wrote about parenting a lot. I don’t so much, anymore, but I recently did for Shondaland, talking about parenting a teen (!) with hearing loss (mine, not hers). She’s fine. Here is that piece I’m Learning to Listen in New Ways.

Which brings me back to Zibby’s podcast. Since Writing That Gets Noticed was published, I’ve had many exciting opportunities, and the book has gotten, well, noticed.  In fact, Writing That Gets Noticed received a 2023 Zibby award and was named “The Best Book for The Writer.”

I received A Zibby Award

We Covered It All on Zibby’s Podcast

I was so honored to join Zibby on Mom’s Don’t Have Time to Read Books, her fabulous podcast, where we spoke about my book, my experiences in life and publishing, going viral, finding inspiration, writing about parenting, bullying (how I was bullied growing up, and how I framed my viral piece for the New York Times How to Bullyproof Your Child after an experience my daughter had), plus pitching strategies, tips on writing essays (and getting them noticed), how I still have stories I want to tell, and paying homage to my dad through writing.

I love this episode and Zibby was such a pleasure to chat with. She is kind,  informed and intuitive. She actually got me choked up talking about my dad who has Alzheimer’s when I talked about writing Singing My Dad Back to Me, for the New York Times.

Anyway, that is a first. I’ve never nearly cried during a podcast or a public appearance. So, to answer your original question in our chat, Zibby, yes, you give great interview:) Listen to it, here.

Estelle Erasmus was a guest on MDHTTRB


I’m Having Another Chat With Zibby-Join Us

Please make sure to register for my online conversation with Zibby for Women’s Media Group on April 16th during lunchtime. Register here. Together we will discuss how the publishing industry has shifted for authors and publishers and offer our advice on how to navigate this new publishing world.

Here is episode #36 with Zibby on Freelance Writing Direct last year on YouTube (please sign up for my channel). She has so much more to say now as her publishing company has grown, and she has single-handedly (with the support of her company) taken on old publishing tropes, and built a flourishing community.

Why I Posted Twice This Week

I usually don’t post more than once a week, but this was a super busy week, and this is an important event for me and my book, and as my friends and students know, I believe in allowing ourselves to celebrate our wins. I even posted a Substack where I wrote about Why Taping My Podcast Reminds Me of Working in Magazines. I also shared upcoming office hours for my paid subscribers.

I will be seeing Zibby next week at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference. And can’t wait!

I hope you join us, and find a way to join the ZibbyVerse Tour ’24