#71 Pitching to Editors: Examples and Advice (Solo Episode)

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I updated my description of Freelance Writing Direct based on advice I received at Podfest Expo 2024. Now it says Freelance Writing Direct: Conversations with authors, journalists, novelists, memoirists, niche writers, agents, publishers, writing teachers, assigning editors and media experts.

There should be no confusion now about what the program covers.  Which brings me to today’s programming all about pitching…

Are you wondering what makes a good pitch that will catch the attention of editors? In this solo episode, I share real-life examples on what makes a good pitch.

Here I dissect pitches that my paid subscribers for my Substack sent to me, and I provide insights to enhance your understanding of the pitching process. For more on pitching, check out my book, Writing That Gets Noticed: Find Your Voice, Become a Better Storyteller, Get Published.

From crafting a compelling hook to sharing pertinent information that resonates with editors, to discussing the benefits of bulleting information, updating old information with the latest and the greatest, writing to the reader,  demystifying evergreen pieces, and enhancing  potential boring listicles so they become articles.

Check out this previous pitching episode, one of my most popular. Also, please follow me on TikTok. I’m trying to get to the magic number of 1000 followers (I think have 22 more to go), and then I can go live and get other goodies on TikTok.

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