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Monday Favorites: WeMontage Photo Removable Wallpaper

James Oliver By Estelle Erasmus I haven't had a Monday favorite in a while (because the holidays have been so hectic--with more to come). But today I'm delighted to feature James Oliver, a gifted writer (a fellow BlogHer Voice of the Year 2015) and entrepreneur who has a company called WeMontage that creates removable wallpaper out of your most cherished … Continue Reading ››

A Beautiful Book of Your Child’s Artwork

By Estelle Erasmus
Artwork from Plum Print
www.cassiecastellaw.com Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.
If you are like most parents, you have collected oodles of your child's/children's artwork over the years, and probably are wondering where you are going to store it all. Personally, I kept all of my daughter's artwork in binders in our den, but it was starting to … Continue Reading ››

How to Take a Great Picture

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus With the holiday season just two short months away, my mind has been on where will we hold our annual holiday card photo shoot. For the past two years, we've had a professional photographer take our shots, after an initial disappointing experience at a local factory studio (yes, the one near Sears). We've used Tiny Prints for our cards, since my daughter's birth announcement,  and they haven't disappointed us, … Continue Reading ››