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Content Find: A Website that is “Annoying”

By Estelle Erasmus I think my own dear hubby turned me onto this website about a year ago called "My Husband Is Annoying". I remember cracking up at some of the universal annoyances the writer (who works at CNN) depicts of the husbandly variety (but not mine of course), such as throwing clothes on the floor, leaving crumbs on the bed from midnight snacks, odd questions, and the general feigned … Continue Reading ››

10 Reasons Why I Think My PreSchooler Is In the CIA

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus
Surveillance footage of "pre-school" aka CIA training session. My daughter appears to be handing over a memory stick containing confidential documents. Note her intense expression. I have no explanation nor has she offered me one as to the origin of the yellow shades on her head.
Dear parents of preschoolers, I've been dealing with … Continue Reading ››