Over the past twenty years my byline has appeared in hundreds (yes, hundreds) of national publications and websites.

I publish so much that it is hard for me to update as frequently as I should. So to see all of my publications go to my contently profile here. 

These are some my clips (but not all, by a longshot).

The New York Times 

Singing My Dad Back To Me (Ties)

When Your Tween Is Bored (also in print)  

When Your Tween Acts Up on Lockdown  

What To Do When Your Teen Is Trash-Talking You

Winner of a 2020 ASJA Award

How to Bullyproof Your Child

(this piece went viral and I was on Good Morning America)

The Gas Goes Out and The Train Goes In

The Washington Post

My Husband Does the Laundry, And He Should

My Child Is Out of Control. Here’s What I’ll Do in 2015 to Change That

The Week 

6 Powerful Phrases Every Parent Should Use 


Blowing The Best Invite of My Life

Yahoo Beauty

Can Honey Cure Rosacea? One Beauty Editor Says YES! 

The Benefits of Meeting My Mother-in-law At My Lowest Point

Your TangoYour 

Being Hypnotized Into a Past Life as a Man Brought Me True Love

Marry The MAN, Not His Religion. Trust Me

Your Teen 

5 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet for Teens 

Scary Mommy

Mom Life Hacks To Help You Cut Through People’s Crap

How Having a Kid Cured Me of My Klutziness


I Constantly Fight With My Husband–And That’s OK


How I Fell in Love With Growing Older8 Unexpected Ways You’re Killing Your Sex Life


Going to the Dogs Eased My Child’s Cynophobia

Purple Clover  

This piece was named a BlogHer Voice of the Year 2015 
Giving Up the Ghost Baby 

Brain, Child 

Becoming a Mom Earlier in Life Becoming a Mom Later in Life

Marie Claire 

Quite Possibly The Creepiest Roommate Story Ever


How We Celebrate Both Hanukah and Christmas


If I Were Charlize Theron When a Bystander Called the Police For Disciplining Her Tantruming Son

And She Danced

Why I Will Never Let My Daughter Ride Her Bike Alone
Working Mother

The Revenge of the Mommy Bloggers

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