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Estelle Erasmus

By Estelle Erasmus

I met DJ Paris of the blog Thoughts from Paris, at BlogU when I spoke there last June.  He was teaching a Podcast session, right before mine. He attended my session, we chatted afterward and we’ve since kept in touch. His podcast session was so informative.

I was thrilled when he invited me to be a guest on his very popular podcast. We spoke about my background in traditional publishing, how I moved to digital, my experience with Listen to Your Mother, the conferences I’m speaking at, my editing/writing coaching business and my thoughts on writing the perfect essay.

I start off the podcast by reading a piece I wrote for The Washington Post On Parenting.

Here is the link to the show.

A Couple of Other Cool Things

I love this one: I got into the Guinness Book of World Records 2016 when I rode a Segway  (with Kevin James) and company, courtesy of The Moms. We did a full 360 degree turn-with over 100 people–the largest ever amount of people to do it. I’m fourth from the right (with my mouth open, you can’t miss me).

Guinness Book

Yvonne Spence wrote a lovely review of Mothering Through the Darkness, the HerStories Project book that I have an essay in called “The Savage Song of My Birthright Blues,” where I write about my antipartum depression (depression during pregnancy). I am so honored that she says how much she enjoyed my essay.

That’s why we write, right? To connect with and resonate for our readers.

I’m you’d like to order the book, get it here.

What podcasts do you like to listen to?

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8 thoughts on “The Podcast Where I Talk About Publishing

  1. Doreen McGettigan

    I really enjoyed the podcasts and I have to say you are my hero on that Segway. Funny, I’ll ride a Harley though.
    Both movies were funny!

  2. Karen Austin

    You are having a lot of great experiences–writing, speaking and riding cool new devices. It’s great that you are helping people address their depression. All my best to you.


    You know, I wish I didn’t think I’d fall on my butt if I rode a Segway. You do know the founder of the company rode one off a cliff accidentally… to his death? I could see that happening to me, so no Segways for this girl!

    • Estelle Post author

      I didn’t know that. Wow! Well, I was very nervous all throughout but it was a great experience!

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