Estelle  is an experienced presenter, workshop leader and speaker, who delivers a lively, engaging, information-packed session for your conference, workshop, or retreat.
As a former magazine editor-in-chief, widely published journalist and essayist and author, consider Estelle for a  solo presentation, panel or interactive workshop.
She interacts with the audience, and gets high praise from participants. 
Some of the events where Estelle has presented (or is scheduled) include the following:
  • ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) (and  she was the conference chair in 2017)
  • HippoCamp Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers
  • Writer’s Digest Conference
  • New York Women in Communications Student Communications Career Conference
  • The Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference
  • BlogHer
  • BlogU
  • Midlife Bloggers Conference
  • iRetreat
  • Folio Conference

Estelle also teaches personal essay writing, pitching and freelance writing for Writer’s Digest

She has been a judge for the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference Awards, and the Scholastic Awards.

Let’s work together to plan a presentation that fits your needs. Email me at to get started!

See Estelle’s testimonials page

Reactions to Estelle’s  presentations:

“Estelle is a great presenter and I learned a lot from what she said.”

“I’ve met other writers at her level — hooked into NYC book life; she was gracious and warm and authentic and very generous with her insider tips. I’d love to take an entire hour-long workshop with Estelle — she has much to offer.”

“Estelle Erasmus has a rare gift as a creative writing teacher: she brings her experience as a journalist, essayist, and former magazine editor-in-chief into her teaching and coaching. Her dynamic energy and breadth of knowledge inspires and guides writers to reach their highest levels.”

“Estelle and I have co-led writing workshops and panels, and I have always admired her insight and professionalism.”

“I was lucky enough to be a facilitator on a panel that Estelle moderated for New York Women in Communications’ Student Career Conference 2017. Before the panel, I was able to speak to her about pitching for food/ lifestyle pieces. Estelle helped me break down my pitch to find interesting news angles to engage my audience and make for a fun interview! Besides her expertise, she is lovely to speak with and very kind.”

“Estelle Erasmus’ personal essay workshop-interactive session at ASJA offered great feedback from the pros.”

“The 8:00-9:00 Breakout session with Estelle Erasmus on mapping pitches was very helpful. Good information here. Pitching has always been an area where I feel I come up short and this motivated me to get at it. She really seemed to know her stuff and I appreciated that she was a freelance writer and editor and understood the challenges of this work.”

” I really valued hearing the experiences of professional freelancers, for example in Estelle’s talk.”

“Estelle’s session on pitching was amazing and super helpful.”

“Estelle’s pitching session was great because I learned how to see pitches from the editor’s perspective.” 

Estelle’s pitching session was the most helpful. I am lucky that I usually get assignments, so pitching is new to me; she offered great concrete advice that I can put into use right now. “

“For 30 years I’ve worked on every aspect of association conferences. I’ve worked closely with hundreds of volunteer leaders and committees. This year I had the pleasure and tremendous privilege of working with and watching Estelle Erasmus serve as Chair of the ASJA Conference. I have never before worked with a volunteer who had all the skills, the energy, creativity and positive attitude you’d want in a leader. She was so deeply committed to excellence, consistently raising the bar, a true visionary who inspired everyone she came in contact with. Estelle is a force of nature. Not surprising that she has earned tremendous respect from her peers and has thousands of followers on social media. Very early on I realized her skills went way beyond strategy, writing, coaching and editing. Actually she went way beyond the role of a typical volunteer Chair of a committee. It wasn’t just about committee charges for her, she was a dynamo from ideation to execution and everything in between– keynoting, marketing, collaboration, negotiating, the list goes on. Estelle has a true gift, a knack for motivating and inspiring and I was very lucky to have that opportunity to see her in action.”

“Estelle spoke at our conference, BAM—Bloggers At Midlife in April 2016 on “The Art of Writing and Placing a Personal Essay”. Her session was highly rated and very favorably received by attendees. Estelle was extremely professional, and her presentation was perfectly tailored for our audience. She was a big hit and I’d invite her to speak any time. She’s a pro!”