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Weekly Content Curation Sensations (March 14th)

Content Curation By Estelle Erasmus When I was a magazine editor, one of my favorite parts of my job was curating content and providing my readers with the best information and writing. So¬†why not resurrect what I used to do best? In this new series, I'm going to grab the best links and writing I've seen on the web … Continue Reading ››

My Hangout with Susan Maccarelli of Beyond Your Blog

By Estelle Erasmus   Susan Maccarelli If you are not familiar with the amazing website Beyond Your Blog, that Susan Maccarelli runs, then you need to get up to speed NOW. Go ahead and click on her site. I'll wait... Susan is amazing at generously searching out and providing information about how to get published on online sites such as Mamapedia, Blunt Moms, The … Continue Reading ››