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Hanging out with Allison Slater Tate of The Mid

Allison Slater Tate By Estelle Erasmus I heard of the writer Allison Slater Tate, when I read her Huffington Post piece "The Mom Stays in the Picture"(link below), about three and a half years ago. Hearing her clarion call to reinsert myself into the photographic evidence of my daughter's childhood, I gamely started joining the family photos, even if my hair or makeup didn't look … Continue Reading ››

Weekly Content Curation Sensations (March 14th)

Content Curation By Estelle Erasmus When I was a magazine editor, one of my favorite parts of my job was curating content and providing my readers with the best information and writing. So¬†why not resurrect what I used to do best? In this new series, I'm going to grab the best links and writing I've seen on the web … Continue Reading ››