I’m Teaching a Personal Essay Writing Course for Writer’s Digest


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Writer's Digest University

By Estelle Erasmus

Many of you know that I’m a writing coach and work with writers to brainstorm, tighten, structure, hone and edit their reported pieces and essays to polished perfection so they get published. And my clients do get published. Again and again. Perhaps that’s why some of my clients have called me “publishing on steroids.” 

I also help authors structure and develop their manuscripts and proposals, as well as writers who want to reinvent themselves and their careers, much like I did when I decided to get back into publishing in 2014 after a hiatus. I wrote about that recently for Next Avenue/PBS. It also ran on Forbes.

Because teaching  is such an important part of who I am, I’m thrilled to take it to yet another level by teaching an online  personal essay course for Writer’s Digest.

In this six-week online course, starting November 10th, I will  review and edit  your work (and there will be homework). Sign up here to get your opportunity to learn. 

If you feel like you are more of a blogger than an essayist but would like to know how to best structure and create one,  this course is also for you. I understand bloggers because I was one myself (now my blog is more of a platform for educating writers and bloggers on how to get published). Also, check out this great interview of me detailing the steps I took to get published in the New York Times for the first time on Beyond Your Blog. 

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Hope to see you in my class.



14 thoughts on “I’m Teaching a Personal Essay Writing Course for Writer’s Digest”

  1. Sounds like a great course especially for bloggers who are starting out. Best of luck and hope you get a great response.

  2. What a great opportunity for people planning to become authors. You would have a wealth of experience to impart. I’m still happy puddling along on my blog – no aspirations to become a writer…yet……!

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