How to Connect With Editors on Twitter


By Estelle Erasmus

Read and repeat after me. Twitter is my friend.

Twitter bird

That’s right. If you aren’t maximizing your twitter feed as a writer, author or editor, you aren’t using one of the best tools in publishing out there.

So let’s dive right into it. Of course, start by following me on Twitter at @EstelleSErasmus

Here is what else  to do.

Create A Twitter List: You are going to click on lists in your twitter profile. You do have one, don’t you? Then you will create a new one (make it private). Call it editors. Done. Next step to populate that list.

It’s Who You Know: Get your handy list of editors who you are in contact with. If you aren’t following them now, you should be. Go to the search bar in Twitter and type in their name (without the @ sign). Their twitter handle should come up. I do this with every editors name I learn of, and then I  follow them.  Sometimes they even follow me back.

Learn About Them: Often their twitter description will show clues to their interests, and other info that you might find handy. For example, one editor revealed her love of opera, and I was able to connect with her by revealing that I once studied opera.

Get Notified of Call Outs: Lots of editors tweet call outs for writers. Make sure you know of them. To do that go to the twitter app on  your mobile phone (you did download that didn’t you?) and click on allow notifications for the people you want to see posts from the minute they make them (it’s that little sunlike image to the right of their name on their home page).

Make Sure They Know You: A lot of editors are also writers. Just like  you , they are proud when they’ve produced an essay or reported article. Share in their joy, and get them to notice  you by retweeting their tweet, with your own comment included.

You never know, it just might be the start of a beautiful editor/writer relationship.

Going forward, what would you like to see me cover on the publishing front? Let me know in the comments. Or message me on my Facebook page.

Some News and Cool Stuff

Writing: I have been doing some health/beauty writing again and loving it.  Check out this piece I wrote for (and follow them on twitter at @Zwivel) on 10 Incremental Ways to Stave Off Aging (Without Going Under the Knife). And, yes, that was my exact proposed headline  (more on headlines in a later post).

Here is a piece I wrote for  Yahoo Beauty last year called Can Honey Cure Rosacea? One Beauty Editor Says Yes ! (sad horns, Yahoo Beauty closed, like so many other great venues for writers).

Check out  publishing tips I  heard at the American Society of Journalists and Authors Conference  (on Twitter they are @ASJAhq and don’t forget to write and let me know what you’d like to see me cover next in this blog.

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8 thoughts on “How to Connect With Editors on Twitter”

  1. I’m on twitter but have always been there and not gotten that much interaction from it. thank you for pointing out how to make use of it to get to know editors and develop relationships there.

  2. Hi Estelle – so glad your comments are back! I’m not on Twitter but I know for a fact it is a huge medium for generating blog views and for connecting with like minded people. My social media is all I can handle atm but Twitter would be next on my list.

  3. Not on Twitter. No particular reason why not, other than another social media that requires time. Time is getting the best of me since I began blogging so I have to pick and choose what I want to be on. Great tips to know if I ever change my mind though.

  4. There are so many way to connect these days. Out here in Silicon Valley the buzz is that Twitter is on the decline and that movers and shakers are dropping it like crazy. I’m sure it’ll take a while for that to move on down the line, if it ever does.

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