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By Estelle Erasmus

I used to have a regular column on health, fitness or beauty in magazines like Beauty Handbook, Energy Times, First for Women and Let’s Live.

I loved having columns because it offered me the opportunity to have a regular spot  in which  I could inform, educate and challenge my readers. The goal: to improve their lives through my knowledge and sharing of information.

I am excited to announce that I will now have that opportunity again through Psychology Today and my new online column  called “The Practice of Parenting” where I will take peer-reviewed and empirical studies and apply them to parenting in real time.

This is my first column.

Why I Won’t Be Showing My Children Sad Movies This Year

With President Obama’s recent address to the nation, he meant to reassure us that our government is finding ways to smoke out home-grown terrorists as it partners with other countries to deal with terrorism globally. But, as a parent, instead of calming me, his speech made me more nervous.

With every clip on the evening news, we are privy to reports of lone-wolf attacks, premeditated violence, and suffering. We live in America, “the Home of the Free and the Brave,” yet if I were to poll most of the parents I know, I’m sure I’d discover, as the New York Times recently did, (link is external)that we don’t feel very much of either right now.

When the new normal is going to a mall or a movie and checking the exits in case of an active shooter situation, or reading more insight into the murderous actions of a radicalized new mom (link is external) (lauded by ISIS for being a good soldier), we know that like Alice in Wonderland, we have crossed through the Looking Glass into a reality we never expected to find. Like it or not, we’re all living in a war zone (even if just in our minds).

So why not take our kids to a matinee where they (and we) can inhabit a fantasy world? It seemed like a good idea to me…until I saw that it wasn’t.

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