Sharing My Love of Singing with My Daughter


By Estelle Erasmus



I have always loved music. I remember singing as a young girl, even before I learned how to express myself by writing. My parents noticed my strong soprano and enrolled me in voice lessons when I was in middle school. I loved studying opera (I’m a trained mezzo soprano) and classical music. I joined the school chorale and then the choir and looked forward to each piece of sheet music the teacher brought in. I also discovered that I had near perfect pitch and so was able to excel in New York State vocal competitions like NYSSMA.

I would always commemorate a special milestone in my life (getting asked out on a date by a cute boy, receiving an academic accolade) by singing a song called “This is One of Those Moments” made famous by Barbra Streisand in Yentl.” “There are moments you remember for all of your life…There are moments you wait for and dream.

I wanted my daughter to share my love of music, and so I began singing to her when she was in my womb (she’s six and a half years old now). When I had an unexpected C-section after fifteen hours of hard labor, I asked the  anesthesiologist if he wouldn’t mind if I sang so that I wouldn’t be nervous.  A slightly giddy, rather robust, and probably too loud rendition of “Summertime” i.e. Summertime, and the livin’ is easy (yeah, right) was the staff’s, er, reward as my husband held my hand tightly and we welcomed our baby into the world.

I started very early with my daughter, building her love o f music by making up nonsensical (and sensical) rhymes for everything.
To my delight, my daughter shares my love of music; perhaps it’s because she used to rock out to me singing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”  at top volume while she was still in her high chair at the breakfast table.

Now, her school music teacher tells me that my daughter loves singing in music class. My daughter has my gift of making up songs and I encourage that in her, as I do any form of self-expression.

Music, to me, as well as writing is one of the most beautiful and impactful forms of self-expression, because in singing–in making those melodious notes–you share a part of yourself with the audience, or experience a part of yourself by yourself.

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29 thoughts on “Sharing My Love of Singing with My Daughter”

  1. Hi! That is so sweet that you sang to your daughter when she was in the womb! I sang to my twin daughters when they were in the womb, too! Now, they both LOVE music! They both play the flute, and one plays the piano. We got their flutes at Music & Arts, and we purchase all the music they need for their lessons, too!

  2. I remember, when my daughter was little, that is how we connected the strongest, by our love of singing and music. What a great and powerful bond. Lovely post!

  3. While our family could not sing in tune, we made up “vag songs” about what we did and who we visited on our trips to Connecticut, Boston, Canada and the West Coast. We remember little fragments of those songs from time to time, and share a hearty laugh when one of us belts out the tune. “Boston, we’re almost on our way…and when we get to Boston, a bed and breakfast is where we”ll stay…” Not quite maestro material but much fun!

  4. Music is huge in our family and I always loved hearing my kids sing when they were little. My favorite was when my daughter used to belt out “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” in the grocery store when she was about three. I got a lot of strange looks from people!

  5. My babies all love to sing too (and some of those ‘babies’ are grown 😉 ). I sang to them always too.

  6. I’m so grateful my children inherited music…from their father, not me. They love to play instruments, sing, and listen to music.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous program! My kids love singing, and music. I’m not very nice sounding so I try to keep my singing to myself. But this is wonderful.

  8. Music and Art programs are SO important, and I think they should start as young as possible!

  9. I love to sing in the car. It is a great way to improve your mood. It is always so sweet to hear kids sing.

  10. My friends little girl is almost three and has started singing. She loves to make up songs. It is so fun to listen to her.

  11. That is so awesome to share your love of music with your daughter and to actually have cultivated it. I can’t wait to have those kinds of experiences when I become a mom.

  12. Sounds like a great program. I had both of mine take piano when they were young before moving on to the instruments of their choice; violin for C and clarinet for A. Neither make time for lessons or playing anymore, but given the fact they both have ear buds semi-permanently fixed in their ears, I can absolutely say that music is still important to both.

  13. Music is such an important part of life. The kids and I really connect over music and I hope it’s something that continues for years to come.

  14. I bet this is a great way to get more music for your kids. I sing sometimes too… but I cant really carry a tune so the kids end up laughing. Lucky for me there are teachers to give them lessons in piano and band:)

  15. I have a horrible singing voice, but that doesn’t stop me! My kids join in all the time 😉

  16. I love how you can do most things online now! I’d love to take singing lessons online. I could use some to sing better! haha.

  17. I LOVE that you sang Summertime! It’s perfect for that venue, too! No wonder she loves to sing! But I hope to God she doesn’t sing what the backup singers are saying in Bad Romance! (My fave lyric:
    “cause I’m a freak bitch, baby!”

  18. I love that you shared your love of singing with your daughter. It’s so important to help them find things like singing or art to be passionate about!

  19. This sounds like a great program. My son has always loved music. He is always buying new music stuff on ITunes and singing along.

  20. I LOVE how you sing for those big moments! I may have to start to make it even more memorable. How amazing that your love of music has now passed on to your daughter.

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