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By Estelle Erasmus

Most people know that it’s important for me to look and feel my very best. Which is why I work out regularly, curtail my time in the sun, try to eat healthy, and avoid my chocoholic tendencies. I try to dress in figure-flattering clothes in colors that suit my hair color and complexion.

Which is why when my alter-ego–ok my blog–was looking a little dated, a little sagging in the menu, a little let’s just say bloated on her sidebars, I felt bad.

She is a reflection of me, and between  you and me her plugins hadn’t been adjusted since 2013–which made us both a little grouchy.

I’ve also begun taking on a few select clients to assist with their writing, pitching, editing and article development, and wanted to put on my best face.

Enter the blog whisperer, Jen Kehl of Beyond Blog Design

Jen worked closely with me to manifest my vision of the loveliness I knew my blog possessed. She loves to build websites from scratch but she also enjoys helping people make their existing blog do everything they always wish it could do..

She changed the background color, got me set up with mail chimp and a newsletter (I have a newsletter, yay), figured out what plugins I needed, made my menu font look modern and fresh, and gave me tons of advice on how to best showcase the places I’ve been published in and my books (with clickable links to each book in the sidebar).

Board Books

I highly recommend you tap into her vast knowledge. Also, she worked with me while she was sick with walking pneumonia. I am exacting (as I told her), because I knew what I wanted and she got it. Which is really rare, and such a treasure.

Jen was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned to her that I was writing this post, but I was compelled to do it. So if you enlist her services (and you should) please tell her I sent you.

My blog is my pride and joy and now she (yes, I’m calling her a she) looks so pretty. I’m proud to wear her on my arm (or have her on my business card).

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What do you think about my blog update? 

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16 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty–Look at My Blog”

  1. The Blog Whisperer! How perfect. You know that reaching out to Jen is on my list of things to do this fall/winter (and mentioning that you sent me). Like others, it is your words that I absolutely love but having an easy to look at package that is fresh and clean is wonderful!

    1. Thanks Ruth for your great feedback. I’m happy to put you in touch with Jen if you’d like. Yes, I do feel like my “package” is now fresh and clean. Great description.

  2. It’s lovely! Always good to know a person who can spiff things up around the “house”. I’m keeping her info on hand!

  3. Our blogs are our reflections! I learned that powerful lesson this spring. When I changed up my blog design, I also found myself cleaning out my clothes closet with wild abandon. Such s connection. I met Jen at BlogU15 and my design time with her was priceless. Love your new look!

  4. There is no better endorsement than a satisified customer, right? Good for you –taking the step you did. To be honest, I don’t see much of a difference because I go straight to your posts–the words are what I want from you! 😉

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