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Me and my daughter

By Estelle Erasmus

Growing older strikes fear into the hearts of many women, but really, what’s the alternative? Not too pretty.

I write on this week about why I have enjoyed growing older (in many ways the second chapter of my life began in my forties when I married and had my daughter).

I remember when I was graduating college in the mid 1980s, I worried that life, as I knew it was over, that I’d never be carefree again, and that my social life would end with the handing over of the diploma. Although I feared getting older I’ve actually found that now with many of my goals accomplished or in progress, I relish it. I always say I’m a late bloomer, but when I bloom, I bloom big.

Here’s why:

I’m a Midlife Mom: I got married in my forties and had my daughter a few years later. She’s six years old now, and I revel in teaching her about life by paving her way with the mortar of the hard-earned wisdom I’ve garnered through the years. When I was younger, I didn’t think I was the maternal type and didn’t think I could get beyond my youthful self-absorption to be a capable and caring parent. I now know that I am.

Freedom from Fear: With age comes the knowledge that no matter what happens I won’t break, I’ll just bounce. So, I don’t put up with anyone’s nonsense, drama, or bullying, unlike the myriad times I did when I was younger. I have also been able to hopefully bully-proof my daughter through various role-playing scenarios (the way my junior high school guidance counselor once did with me). I also feel the joy when we dance together, because at this point in my life I don’t care if everyone or no one is watching.

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9 thoughts on “Talking About Loving Growing Older-On Redbook”

  1. Love your perspective that you won’t break, only bounce, in adversity. This is a great message for young women to hear. I live with few regrets and have a great life that I created. Best thing for me about getting older is that I found it much easier to finally lose weight and be easier on myself (oops that is two things!).

  2. Love this! Great article in Redbook. Always enjoy reading your perspective. Sometimes I think I should be 25 instead of 35 with a newborn… 2am was nothing in my 20s!! Ha

    1. Ha. I remember those 2 am days–when my daughter was a baby-that was my favorite time to take a shower. All the time was just for me.

  3. Congrats for having this article published in Redbook. I’m not sure I could have handled motherhood starting in my 40’s, but I’m glad I was able to get my professional training accomplished and my legal career at least launched before our sons arrived when I was 29 and 33 respectively.

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