Weekly Content Curation Sensations (April 6th)

Content Curation

By Estelle Erasmus

Last week was wild. I wrote a piece for XOJane about how I Shamed My Niece for Dyeing Her Hair Pink and it has over 300 comments and counting. I basically told about how a dramatic change in my appearance traumatized me when I made it in the 1980s and how that affected my attitude toward my niece–at first.

For this week’s content curation, I have an interesting lineup:

1) From Salon by Caren Chesler I Fought and Lost the Battle Against Christmas. A very different perspective than we’re used to seeing from a Jewish mom.

2) I don’t know if the NY Times Lives column is going to come back, but I enjoyed this piece by Etgar Keret called Taxi Driver about a taxi ride fraught with tension.

3) Kirsten Piccini, my Listen to Your Mother NYC alumni-buddy writes beautifully about her relationship with her mother on the beautiful new site The Mid in My Relationship with My Mother (Now That I’m a Mother)

4) Victoria Fedder (my fellow contributor to the anthology, My Other Ex), writes poignantly on Babble about The End of My Dance Mom Dreams.

5) This article, Happiness for Pessimists  in the Houston Chronicle by Katherine Center did a  wonderful job highlighting  the dichotomy within a couple–that works.

6) Who doesn’t love Gloria Steinem? I thought this article on Bustle  by Amanda Chatel was superb at culling interesting quotes and facts from her life: 10 Gloria Steinem Facts That Will Make You Love Her Even More. 

7) Marcelle Soviero writes so beautifully in Forget Memory on The Manifest-Station about the effects of her mom’s early dementia on their relationship.

Till next week!



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  1. Thanks for the links. They all look good, but I was particularly drawn to the post about dementia. I value the perspective of family members about caregiving challenges. It’s such a complex situation.

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