Weekly Content Curation Sensations (March 14th)

Content Curation

By Estelle Erasmus

When I was a magazine editor, one of my favorite parts of my job was curating content and providing my readers with the best information and writing.

So why not resurrect what I used to do best?

In this new series, I’m going to grab the best links and writing I’ve seen on the web for your reading pleasure.

1) Kathy Radigan amuses me with this very real rundown of her day, saved by a mom who made her feel she was not alone in  Dear Mom Who Sent Your Kid To School with No Socks Today. I like to think I’m that mom.

Also, please check out the great interview Kathy did with me on her blog.

And.. the essay we wrote together that appeared recently on Elephant Journal called What Wise Moms Know: The Priceless (Healthy) Gift of Hugs and Kisses.

2) Jordan Rosenfeld always gives me “food” for thought. Check out her piece on Brain, Child called A Failure to Feed, where she talks about her six-year-old and what sustains him.

Also, check out my hangout and  interview with Jordan  where she examines her productivity and gives tips for writing.

3) Allison Tater Smith is known for her piece on the Huffington Post,  The Mom Stays in the Picture, which I admit got me to get back into photos with my family. She has an essay up on the new site The Mid, It Goes So Fast (Not a Parenting Essay)  eloquently detailing the passing of time–not in her kid’s lives but in her own.

4) I think a lot about staying in the present moment, and I have gotten better at it with practice. The wonderful Lindsey Mead writes about those moments on her blog and I loved how she distills the essence of it in her essay Parenting a Tween: An Exercise in Presence.

5) I was proud to be one of fifteen women who participated in The Greatest Unexpected Pleasures of Parenting by the smart duo from Grown and Flown. My daughter makes an appearance in this one.

Also, I was so thrilled to be up on Brain, Child in January writing about the pros and cons having a daughter in midlife in contrast to Lisa Heffernan, one of the ladies of Grown and Flown, who had her children earlier. Read the piece in Becoming a Mom Earlier in Life, Becoming a Mom Later in Life

6)  Discussing one’s Jewish heritage is such a fraught topic. Antonia Malchik covers all the bases and then some in her thought-provoking essay up on Stir Journal. My Jewish Problem: Is Being Jewish a Choice? 

7) Kristin Van Shaw writes an unusual and poignant letter  to the woman who broke up her first marriage  in Dear Other Woman….Thank You  up on Bon Bon Break.

8) And Amanda Magee writes in Tantrums and Deep Breathes ” I kept moving through the morning paces, but my thoughts kept banking into a wall of negativity—what I wasn’t doing, what I wasn’t feeling, what I wasn’t getting, and what I was ceasing to believe could ever be.”  Read how she finally unlocked herself from her mood in an essay about a situation that we can all relate to from time to time.

Till next  week.


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20 thoughts on “Weekly Content Curation Sensations (March 14th)”

  1. Such good stuff and I love creating these lists, too. It’s a great way to share and support, and it helps me stay organized about work that’s inspired me in case I ever want to go back!

  2. Great collection of posts to check out. I do a serious almost every Saturday highlighting other great blog posts as well, it is good to share the love within the community and show others’ work!

  3. I plan to come back to this post tonight during a lull at the library where I work and follow as many of these links as I can. Just read and very much enjoyed Dear Other Woman.

  4. Such great new reading material, thank you! It’s convenient to have all this in one place and I look forward to reading the posts.

  5. Wow…to many great blogs to read here. Being a Mom is probably the most rewarding and challenging job. Your Mom business is never closed – it’s 24-7! When we share our stories we help others to share. We learn so much from each other. I have sent this blog to my daughter! She is a new Mom of a beautiful new member of the sisterhood!

  6. Oh, I love these writers. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! It means so much coming from you. Can’t wait for the gold you’ll lead us to with these posts!

    1. Lindsey,
      So many of us struggle with feeling present in our children’s lives. Whether they are kids or teens, you write so eloquently of the dilemma we face in doing so.

    1. Kathy,
      Your place in this list is well-deserved. You have a way of illuminating the struggles we face as moms with honesty and humor.

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