My Hangout with Susan Maccarelli of Beyond Your Blog

By Estelle Erasmus


Susan Maccarelli

If you are not familiar with the amazing website Beyond Your Blog, that Susan Maccarelli runs, then you need to get up to speed NOW. Go ahead and click on her site. I’ll wait…

Susan is amazing at generously searching out and providing information about how to get published on online sites such as Mamapedia, Blunt Moms, The New York Times Motherlode (one of my goals),  and more. Her podcasts bring editors from Mamalode, Brain, Child, Chicken Soup for the Soul and more in front of her readers. She also has guest posts on her blog on subjects like The Pros and Cons of Blogging for a Newspaper by Sarah Cotrell and My Experience Writing for Huffpost by Kristin Shaw

I was thrilled to be featured on Beyond Your Blog in an article: Estelle Erasmus: From Magazine Editor to Blogging Success that really summed up my ongoing journey in publishing.

Susan also writes humor on her site Pecked to Death by Chickens and has been widely published herself beyond her blog. Also, although Susan mentions she’d like to “crack” the Huffington Post, since our interview she has done just that. Read  her clever first post for Huffpo: My Husband’s Split Personality: Dr. Jekyll and Corporate Guy.

Here is my interview with Susan.


In this interview you’ll hear:

*How Beyond Your Blog started and why it started

*How she got started in blogging herself

*Some of her own professional goals

*What she is looking forward to in the near future


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Her site: Beyond Your Blog

She is offering submission-related services on Beyond Your Blog

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On Facebook: Twitter: @BeyondYourBlog @Peckd2Death

Susan is an instructor in the HerStories publishing personal essays sessions

Susan will be moderating a session next month at BAM (Bloggers At Midlife Conference)

Check out my favorite pieces of Susan’s

Mamalode: Laughter in Church Does Not Bode Well at Christmas

Scary Mommy: 4 Silver Linings to Having Gestational Diabetes

Pecked to Death by Chickens: Why I Gave Up Potty Training My Son After One Day

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49 thoughts on “My Hangout with Susan Maccarelli of Beyond Your Blog”

  1. I first learned about Susan’s personal blog after reading it while at BlogHer 2014. She was wicked funny in her after conference post! Started reading her Beyond the Blog site a few months ago and have learned great things. Haven’t put them into practice yet (had a terrible accident 3 months ago that I am still recovering from) but I look forward to learning more from her and finally going through the HerStories pdf class. Thanks for bringing this interview to your readers.

  2. Good for her for making it into Huffington Post right after she mentioned she wanted to do so. I love reading how other people’s passions pay off for them so richly. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was a funny story because I was interviewing an editor at Huffpost for a podcast on Beyond Your Blog and in emailing back and forth about it, she happened to find an old pitch I had sent in her email and picked it up!

  3. What an interesting interview! I’m definitely going to check out more of her sites. I have to check out Pecked to Death by Chickens just because it’s a funny name.

    1. Haha – Pecked To Death By Chickens was how my mother used to sometimes describe her life when she was worn down – not often, but once in a while! I always thought it was funny and now have felt that way myself!

  4. How have I never read Beyond Your Blog? After this great interview, I’ll definitely be checking out her site.

  5. Loved the interview, Estelle. Susan is so down to earth and I really respect her for being so generous with her knowledge via BYB. I agree that for the longest time, I’ve felt that a lot of bloggers were so secretive about how to get published on the most coveted sites. So I’m really happy for all the success and attention that Susan and BYB are receiving! So well-deserved!

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