Back to School Shopping Made Simple with RUUM

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

Check out the blingy backpack from RUUM that my daughter selected. She loves it, and will definitely relish the attention she gets sporting it to preschool.

There is no denying it: summer is over, and it’s back to school for most kids. In my house, we do more Fall cleaning than Spring cleaning (even though I know it’s not officially Fall), because it’s all about getting ready for preschool for my daughter.

I go through her closet about a month before school starts  to assess what we will need to get her for school.

Because she has been on a major growth spurt, I realized that she really, really needs leggings (she and I love the comfort factor, and the no need for zippers). I also wanted to get her a “first day of school” dress; a cool pair of boots and a backpack. Then once school starts, I go through her closet again and pick up the essentials that I might have missed the first time around.

I find a lot of the summer clothes that I get her tends to fall apart after the season, but for back to school I look for hardier fashion, that will so to speak “weather” the year’s travails and see her through to Winter.

Lucky for my little princess, I learned about an amazing clothes store called RUUM, from my friends at KidzVuz. I happily joined other bloggers for a day of shopping, at the RUUM American Kid’s Wear at the Palisades Mall in White Plains in mid August.

We got there early and I immediately noticed the high quality of the clothing; vibrant colors and a fashion forward range wide enough to satisfy even my picky Princess’ taste.

Trying on boots. My four year old fashionista eventually settled on these boots in red. She rocks them.

Like her mommy my daughter loves sparkly clothes- and that day she got to indulge her love of bling through the backpack (top photo) and a sequined T-shirt (below).  

She picked out this sparkly pink top and chiffon blouse.

She also got a couple of pairs of leggings and a beautiful dress that she will wear with her new red boots, and can top with the fashionable (and fluffy) cardigan sweater.

A dress and sweater combo for her first day of school. Very cool!

She’s a happy girl; and so is her mommy.

Here is a link to a KidzVuz Video of reviews of the shopping spree at RUUM (my daughter was a little too young to qualify to make a video for KidzVuz), so we’re working on one of our own and will post it shortly.

And here’s a link to some footage RUUM took at the event (if you blink you’ll miss me and my daughter):

By the way, if you purchase any of the fabulous back to school clothes at Ruum, have your kid do  a video review of the clothes and enter the KidzVuz/Ruum BTS Shopping Spree Contest, which runs through September 16th. One lucky video-maker will win a $250 shopping spree at RUUM.  Here’s the contest info; good luck.

If your child doesn’t have a KidzVuz account, it’s free to sign up here. Find a location for a RUUM store near you at You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter (use #Ruumbts).

Disclosure: We received a gift card for our back to school shopping trip at the store. As always, the opinions are my own.

What is your go-to store for back to school shopping?


33 thoughts on “Back to School Shopping Made Simple with RUUM”

  1. Shopping for little girls is so fun, isn’t it? Looks like you had a blast and picked out some great things for your little cutie!

  2. I don’t think I have one near me. I’ll check out the find the locations link. Looks like you were able to find some great things! happy BTS!

    1. Thanks so much Susan. She can’t wait to wear her boots and dress, but I’m making her hold off till school starts.

  3. Wow Estelle she is getting so big. I remember the first time we met she wasn’t ever potty trained. Love to see them grow but also wish they didn’t do it so quickly…loving the store as well. Never heard of it until now.

  4. First she is so cute. My kids are in a charter school and have a dress code, but there are times I wish I could dress them up for school. Love the looks that got picked out.

    1. Thanks Tabitha. She really picked out everything herself and vetoed quite a bunch of stuff that um, I picked out.

  5. We haven’t actually done BTS clothes shopping – except shoes and rain gear – thanks to having a wedding next week (goodbye budget!). OH and hubby thinks their school bags from last year are fine, but looking at them today they are not! We are big big Target fans, actually 🙂 And Children’s Place – my girls always need those adjustable waistbands.

    1. Hi Gina,
      Well you can always assess after the first week. I think that’s when you see what is really needed. Love adjustable waistbands, too. We got a belt, but you can’t beat the pants that grow with them.

  6. she’s too cute for words! and I love their stuff! I’ve never heard of them but now I am obsessed with all their blinged out cuteness

    1. Clarissa,
      I know, right? I never heard of them either, but the quality and cuteness of their stuff can’t be beat.

  7. She’s a cutie!! Now that my oldest is 11, he needs to come with me to try things on. My daughter is tiny for her age and also needs to be with me for bottoms especially – it’s a whole new ballgame for me now that I just can’t pick stuff up and bring it home.
    Great tips!

  8. Shes adorable! It used to be easy to go out and shop for my kids – however my oldest is now 11 and I now need him with me to try things on – it’s a whole new ballgame – great tips!

    1. Thanks Jo-Lynne. She loved her outing, and enjoys shopping as much as her mommy (and that’s a lot).

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