If I’m a Queen, Shouldn’t I Stay at the Palace?

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

jKMKxf_9VlC6MgrLncmOEf_RVT73q_0qWQ61qLN4l8U The New York Palace Royal Suites
The Royal Suite Bedroom at the New York Palace Hotel. I can see myself chilling out there.

Last month was a busy month for me, mainly because I went to BlogHer 13 in Chicago (see this post, this post and this post for a detailed travelogue of my experiences at the conference).

It was a lot of fun; and I met great bloggers and brand representatives, but was it a vacation? I think not.

In fact, I’m still recovering from the conference.

Hubby on the other hand has traveled for work a lot this month. Back and forth, mainly to Kentucky, the bluegrass state. Kentucky is cool–and I’d love to go to the Kentucky Derby one day– but it definitely has not been a vacation for him (and he has not received an invite to the Derby, either).

My daughter…this month she’s been treated like a Princess. Let’s see: in the last two weeks she received a box of toys worth over $400; got a shopping spree courtesy of Ruum (#Ruumbts)-the clothes store not the liquor– and has gone swimming at our pool as often as she wants (which is a lot). She’s also getting ready for a trip to Disney next month (her second trip in two years).

So, if my daughter is a Princess, doesn’t that make me the Queen (and hubby by default the King). And where does the Queen live…in a Palace, of course.

Which is why I was especially taken by my visit to the New York Palace Hotel in NYC, in the midst of last  month’s heat wave. It was a spectacular evening and I was able to take a moment to relax, regroup and unwind in the newly renovated Royal Suite. So fitting… I know… I  know.

These days the palatial suite—with Rococo rooms in French period décor, furnished with luxurious silks and emblazoned with imperial golds–is used to celebrate special occasions–think lavish proposals, weddings, baby showers, special anniversaries; girlfriend getaways, corporate celebrations; and has been an absolute mecca for celebrity photo shoots, like the one Alicia Keys did there before attending the Met ball.

With Beth Feldman (@rolemommy)
With royal hostess,  Beth Feldman at the relaunch of the Royal Suite at the New York Palace Hotel. We are both feeling like Queens here.

It’s also perfect to celebrate milestone anniversaries.

So note to hubby. Should we book now for our 10 year anniversary? We would have our own dressing rooms: mine with an oversized soaking tub offset by silk drapes and Grecian columns. Yours, with an antique barber chair.

Royal Suite bathroom
Royal Suite powder room at the New York Palace hotel.

It may take a King’s ransom. But I think I’m worth it.

The New York Palace's Royal Suites
The lavish living room in the Royal Suite at the New York Palace.
455 Madison Ave  New York, NY 10022
(212) 888-7000
I did not receive any compensation for this post; except for a fun night out at the relaunch party for the Palace. As always, the opinions are my own.

Where is your ideal place to stay in NYC (or anywhere)  for a special celebration?


22 thoughts on “If I’m a Queen, Shouldn’t I Stay at the Palace?”

  1. When I was little we used to stay at The Palace all the time…it was amazing! I’ve never been in that suite before, but it looks fabulous…then again, most of their rooms are (and the views too!)!

  2. I hope you get to stay in a place like that some day! We got upgraded big time to a presidential suite at a Marriott in DC once. It was incredible. It had the best bathroom I’ve ever been in, it had a baby grand piano, a giant roof top patio, a conference room, and much more. I was 8 months pregnant and truly enjoyed a relaxing stay!

    1. Carrie,
      That happened to me once, too. I think it was in California, and we got this amazing suite-not quite the Royal Suite-but still huge and opulent. Glad you had that cool experience with the upgrade.

  3. Dang! The only place we booked for our 15 year anniversary was the hotel up the mountain from us, lol! We can’t be that far from our kids yet– but it’s looking like a prospect for our 20th!! Beautiful hotel 🙂

    1. Hi Gina,
      I usually don’t do much fanfare either; but I think every once in a while you have to have a “I can’t believe I did that for myself” moment.

    1. Hi Trina,
      Yes, we certainly deserve to be pampered from time to time. I wish that was built into the code of mothering. Too often, we’re last on our lists and then by default last on everyone else’s list.

  4. Oh WOW!! What fun! I can only imagine how amazing it would be to stay a night in such a wonderful suite. Thank you so much for the tour!

    1. Dresden,
      I also love the bird’s eye view of the Suite 45 floors up. You really feel like you’re perched on top of the world.

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