BlogHer 2013: The Private Party Scene (Part 2)

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

It’s time to vicariously P.A.R.T.Y with me in Chicago the last week of July.

I went to many of these private non BlogHer-related parties while I was attending the BlogHer 2013 conference, I found that the smaller intimate settings at some of these parties allowed me the opportunity to really connect and speak to brands and other bloggers alike.

So, here is rundown of my private party schedule on Thursday. I have so much to cover that I will write about Friday and Saturday separately.

Because I came in on Thursday and not Tuesday or Wednesday, I missed a few choice shindigs. Tuesday, many blogger friends of mine went on a Sea Dog Cruise. Wednesday night my friend Tracy Beckerman, author of must-read, Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir (see my review of her book here) had a private dinner for friends, and I would have loved, loved, loved to join her and a slew of other luminary bloggers.

Coming in on Thursday, I also ran into Chicago traffic and thus missed the Saving Babies blogger party, which I heard was amazing.

So…for the parties I did finally get to. Drum roll please…

Clean & Fresh Social Luxe Lounge (#socialluxe)

Cottonelle (@Cottonelle) #letstalkbums was the key sponsor of this fabulous event and thoughtfully sent me a large package of toilet paper and cleansing pads prior to my trip to Chicago. In my opinion,  this soiree was the best entrée into meeting fab bloggers and connecting with old friends. I love that Cottonelle offers the softest toilet paper I’ve found (and that is important in my household of sensitive tushies), Ubisoft was also in the house-or should I say lounge–they produce the Just Dance Kids game (new one is out in the Fall). The party area was spacious, and there were beautiful flowers courtesy of ProFlowers. 

With Anne Marie of Mom is a Geek, Mindy of Better After 50, Lois Alter Mark from Midlife at the Oasis and moi
With my bud Tracy of Lost in Suburbia
With new friends: Beth Rosen, Aussie, Michelle of They Call Me Mummy, Abbie Gale of All That Makes You and Danielle from Martiinis & Minivans

I had a fun time filming a video on the pleasures of using toilet paper and cleansing wipes for your personal needs for their “Let’s Talk Bums,” campaign-yes, there is a british flavor to their humor  (there is no picture of me doing it, so I’m using the one of Beth Rosen).


I also took advantage of the stellar makeup and hair team so I could get done up for my next adventure…


Dinner, Life360 

This event took me to a lovely dinner at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building.

I learned all about Life360, the world’s largest family location and communication app, while enjoying  filet mignon, sipping white wine, and drinking in the amazing conversation between my fascinating technology-savvy table companions, like Amiyrah of 4 Hats and Frugal, Brandi, of Mama Knows It All, AnneMarie, Tricia of The Southern Spark, Lizz of Am I A Funny Girl and Beth.

What I learned about Life 360 is that it is perfect for parents of preteens and teens who have their own phone, and just as important, for aging parents. What it does is track their locations (shows where they are on a map), let’s you check in to tell your family what’s going on, and enables you to alert them in case of an emergency (poo poo–sorry, couldn’t help myself). I am really excited about the app, mainly because it is private (i.e. just for your family’s eyes). My daughter is too young still, but I had my parents sign up for it.

My husband has declined to be in the “circle” because and I quote “I don’t need you tracking my every move.” Um, thanks honey. Right back at you:). Anyway… I had such a great time I actually stayed longer than I thought I would, but my darling daughter’s needs triumphed and I hurried on over to Sweet Suite which I wrote about in my post here, about how it made my daughter happy.

After making the rounds at Sweet Suite, It was getting really late so I rushed on over to the…

Yappem Awesome Party

Sponsored by Yappem, the Awesome party offered something for everyone who they affectionately call “Yappers”–if you like cotton candy and caramel popcorn–and I do, I do.

Yappem is a website/app where you share your feelings about your experiences (shopping and otherwise) with brands and products. What’s cool about it is that you can earn points (or virtual Yappem Coins) that you can redeem in gift cards from well-known companies like Gap, Amazon and Zappos, to name just a few. You can choose to share just with other “Yappers” or with your entire social media network. The other sponsors of the party, include the One 2 One Network, a media company that helps women engage with brands; and Cool Mom Picks, which highlights all the best gifts, technology, must-have-products for the coolest moms around (of which I know a few).

This is the point where my phone died, so I don’t have pics. But I do have an AWESOME video to share.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my BlogHer 2013 adventure. If you want to read Part 1 it’s here: BlogHer 2013: The Savvy and the Social.

So what did you like best about the private parties I went to? What would you want to see in a private party? 


22 thoughts on “BlogHer 2013: The Private Party Scene (Part 2)”

    1. Hi Aliza,
      It was so great seeing you, too. Note to self, next time have a person take our pic and not do a selfie:)

  1. Wow! What an amazing set of experiences you had. This is really a great look at the opportunities and sponsors you encountered. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi, It was so good seeing you at BlogHer 13. I wish we had gotten a better pic of us that I could have used. Next time!

  2. I’m sticking with you next time, you party animal!

    So glad you had a wonderful time at BlogHer13, Estelle. You are a gem and I’m not surprised you got invites to all of the parties!!

    Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful mom.


    1. Cathy,
      You are such a find!! Thanks for your kind words and right back at you sweet lady!!

  3. It sounds like you had a fabulous time! I just saw some of the Cottonelle commercials last week! I bought it at the grocery store on Saturday : ).

    I need the tracking device installed in all of our phones at once. Well, maybe not my husbands. What a great idea.

    1. I have to check out the Cottonelle commercials. Haven’t seen them yet. Yes, the tracking app by Life360 is great because it’s private; so the whole world doesn’t have to know what your dad or kid is doing. That’s one of the reasons I love it.

    1. Hi Claudia. I think you would really have loved it. I hope you can go next year. I think you really get what you put into it. I was determined to meet a lot of people I had only seen on FB or Twitter, but I also met people that I never had heard of before–which was an added bonus. So glad we recently connected and looking forward to Fashion Forward in NYC with you.

    1. Lois,
      We have a date with a cronut in our future:) Seriously, I’m so glad we met at BlogHer 13, and can’t wait to see you next month.

  4. One of the best parts of the whole week was meeting you!! Can’t wait to get out to NYC to get to know you even better!

    1. Beth,
      That’s so sweet–especially because i know how many people you met LOL. I can’t wait to see you in NYC. Soon, I hope.

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