Why (And How) I Changed My Name on Twitter


My Twitter Description: Formerly @mommymusings011. Award-winning journalist, former mag ed-in-chief, 2012 BlogHer VOTY, President, @MothersandMore, LTYM ’12, #ASJA, and a fierce mom. musingsonmotherhoodmidlife.com/estellesobeler…

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

So long @mommymusings011!! I’m not sorry to see you go. That was my twitter handle when I started on twitter in late 2011. My daughter was two years old, and I was clearly a ‘mommy”. Fast forward two years, and my small twitter following of 300 has blossomed into nearly 2200 followers, and my daughter is a big four-year-old girl.

Although I’m still her “mommy” I no longer want to be identified by that moniker, particularly after the blatant disrespect to women identified as “mommy” bloggers, a term I find pejorative. When I wrote about it, in this piece The Revenge of the “Mommy Bloggers”, one of my twitter followers pointed out, “but still you call yourself mommymusings011.” She was right.

That has been rectified. I’m now @EstelleSErasmus on twitter and pinterest for that matter, because, well, that’s just who I am. Being me is my brand; not being a mommy, being me.

So how did I change it? It was so simple, I should have done it months ago. I went to the settings for my twitter account and changed my user name, after seeing that it was available. Then I tweeted to my followers (who remain my followers, that doesn’t change). I tweeted,  am no longer @mommymusings011; I am @EstelleSErasmus, and finally I added it to my description. That’s it. It took all of five minutes to do.

Have you changed your twitter handle recently? What have you changed it to and why? How is that working for you?