Taking the “Subway” to Loony Town

2727938492_fddeb4c7c0By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock much like Saddam Hussein used to, you must have heard about the “class action lawsuit” rendered against the fast-food-sandwich company, Subway.

The reason for the lawsuit? Apparently, a bunch of men have come together, pondered that the “foot-long” bread they have been promised–that’s 12 INCHES PEOPLE– did not happen. That’s right, they measured and were so very disappointed that the 12 inches they were promised by the fast-food chain did not um, make its way to their mouths as advertised. So they are suing. because they must have their 12 inches.

Now it’s clear for many reasons why this is taking place. Men measure. It’s part of their nature. Women do not measure; not really; I would say most women would not want 12 inches, and would be uncomfortable putting that much in their mouths. BREAD, people. I’m talking about the bread. And your diet. 12 inches of bread is way too much bread. You are probably glad if you get only 6 or 7 inches… Of bread. Even 9 is pushing it.

So… I just have to say, what if I or other women were to start similarly frivolous lawsuits.

How about:

I’m suing the U.S.Postal service: cause my mailman is late every time.

I’m suing the supermarket chain because: I have to reach way in the back to get a yogurt for my daughter that doesn’t expire in 2 DAYS

I’m suing my teacher at Boston University because you didn’t teach me about the PR benefit of YouTube. YouTube didn’t exist then you say? Well I say 12 inches doesn’t exist and why should you measure it. Unless you live under a rock and have nothing else to do.

Oh, and how many women have joined that lawsuit? None.

Because we don’t need to measure to have our pleasure.

Chime in. What would you (funny) sue for? 


7 thoughts on “Taking the “Subway” to Loony Town”

  1. I’m suing the Girl Scouts! I’ve eaten three boxes of these so called “Thin Mints” and I’m still not thin…

  2. I would sue the people that make that “prove you are not a robot” widget because 90% of the time they blur it so much I can’t read it so of course I typed it incorrectly.

  3. These types of lawsuits just show what is so wrong with today’s society and the legal system. How about we start suing the people with too much time on their hands that dream these things up? Or the greedy lawyers who take these cases on?

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