I Have No Words

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

I can’t write about Xmas gifts or shows or books or holiday plans today. The “business” posts I need to do can wait. The only post I was able to write was my column for examiner.com on how to talk to your kids about the Newtown shootings and other traumatic events. Because so many people need this information.

Everything else seems superfluous. I can’t speak about the shooting for long before breaking down in tears.

The kids massacred were six and seven years old. So young. So vital. So ready for firsts in their lives. The first time going to the circus; the first cruise; the first family reunion. And later, the first kiss. The prom. Graduation. College. A wedding and their own kids.  All those possibilities gone now. Forever.

I can’t think about what the parents of those children are going through. My heart feels like its stopped beating when I even try. Love is eternal; but that doesn’t matter if the object of your love is not there any more. The teachers and principal were heroes, valiantly struggling to save their charges.

My tears soak my pillow as do the tears of every parent out there who trembles at the very thought of what has happened.

We love, we fear, and still we feel it is not enough.

How can we protect our children in the midst of madness?