Fall Beauty Solutions for Stressed out Moms

Now that summer is over and the leaves are turning brown and red, I need beauty products that will help, not hinder my routine. With that in mind, here is a roundup of some of the best new items to soothe, clean, moisturize and help you glow as you effortlessly glide through the season.

Wakeup Your Makeup

He’s been named the “Brow King,” but did you know that Ramy Gafni also has a line of cosmetics? Sweep Alive Blush (a blend of pink, gold and brown tones) over cheeks and lids for a healthy glow and to bring out your eyes. Sold atDuane Reade LOOK Boutiques; www.ramy.com. Want to keep your lips lush? Kinerase Ultimate Volume Lip Conditioner SPF 20 does double duty by moisturizing, protecting and plumping lips. Available at Ulta and www.ulta.com. SXY by Unforgettable Moments is Payless’ new affordable beauty brandThe double-sided Fat Eyeliner Pencil (in cool combinations such as Ebony/Ivory Emerald Princess/Daring Jade, and Silver Dust/Bold Blue) comes with a built-in sharpener in the cap, and a fantastic Light-Up Lip Gloss in mouth-watering colors like Tropical Tease and Raspberry Martini (I know, I’m thirsty now) has a mirror and lighted applicator wand for those all too infrequent mom’s night outs in dark restaurants.

Hey Bright Eyes

Naturopathica’s Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum (www.naturopathica.com) reduces dark circles, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and decreases puffiness with anti-inflammatory chamomile oil. Have a headache or just want to soothe tired eyes? If you don’t have time to get plastic surgery (aka an eye job), The Dream Look Instant Eye Lift (www.GetDreamLook.com) is an instant fix for tired-looking eyes and ideal for when you want to look wide-eyed for “date night” or after being up all night with your little terror. Simply apply gel to the strips and place them on the crease of the eyelids (with or without makeup) to lift the upper eyelid and reduce wrinkles and bags. Available at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite Aid.Whether you’re fighting a headache or just want to soothe those tired peepers, EyeCandy Soothing Eye Coolers (www.eyecandycoolers.com) are reusable, soft gel rounds (in four styles and colors, such as Classic Chillin’ Cucumber) that you chill and then place over your closed eyes. Ah, sweet relief…in just minutes.

For the Skin You’re In

If you’re like me, you don’t just want to be moisturized, you want to look moisturized. Well look no further. Calgon (of “Take Me Away” fame has a new multi-scented Sensual Collection featuring fragrance mists, shimmering moisture mists and shimmering body creams. Available at Walmart andwww.calgonstore.com.Toss the travel size Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer into your bag so it’s handy for when you need it. At www.Sephora.com .

Dare to Care for Your Hair

Hate washing your hair? Me, too! Dry shampoos were created for people like us. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo (www.sexyhair.com) has a talc-free, mineral and clay-based spray formula that offers UV protection and maintains color, while it absorbs dirt, excess oil and product build-up. If you love how your hair looks after a day at the beach, you’ll like how the natural sea salt in Sea Mist Spray from John Masters Organics (http://johnmasters.com) gives your hair body and waves. When my gray hairs pop up, I hide them instantly with TouchBack hair marker (at Ulta stores and www.TouchBackGray.com).The pocket-sized marker delivers temporary hair color instantly in eight natural shades, and unlike mascara, crayons, gels or powders, it won’t flake or rub off when you brush your hair.

Nail Down Your Look

Toxin-free Piggy Paint polish for little girls has grown up. The new line for women: Piggy Paint Refined (www.piggypaint.com) polishes are just as eco-friendly (pregnant women can even wear the polish) and come in six cool shades such as How Merlot Can You Go, Coffee Talk and Not Your Mama’s Mauve. You’ll want to take your polished little piggy’s not just to market….but everywhere.

What are you doing to help your beauty or fashion style for Fall?