Open Your Eyes

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

Back in the baby days

Most people I know are aware that I’m a journalist, but few people know I got my start in journalism as a beauty writer. In fact, I co-authored the book Beautiful Skin: Every Woman’s Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age with prominent dermatologist David Bank, MD.

Back when I was the associate beauty editor at Woman’s World (my first job in publishing), I would spend hours in the beauty closet (which was big as a small apartment) trying on makeup and testing skincare products before I wrote about them. Although I’ve suffered from rosacea, since I was in my twenties, I believe that testing some early version alpha hydroxy products on my oh-so-sensitive skin exacerbated that condition.

What really always got me, though were eye makeup products. Although my lashes are dark, they curl straight down, which necessitates my need to use an eyelash curler at all times, lest I look like I’m peering through a thicket. During my pregnancy and for the first year, it was hard for me to summon the energy to put on any makeup on at all, but now that my daughter is three, I’m rediscovering makeup, particularly eye makeup in a big way.

My newest obsession, trying to make my eyes look bigger, my eyelashes longer. I love the look of false lashes, but hate the “work” of putting them on, only to find one or both drooping off my eye in the middle of dinner or a work-related function.

So, I was happy to find the products by Too Faced Cosmetics, especially their 3*Way Lash Lining Tool, Too Faced FALL Collection Introduces 3*Way Lash Lining Tool. Make Lash Emphasizing Dots, Tight-Lining And Traditional Lash-Lining Easy As 1-2-3.that uses a three tiny tips to offer you the opportunity to create beautifully lined eyes with precision. Trust me, I’m a total dud in the eye-lining department; and often look like a raccoon after multiple attempts, so this product makes you look like an expert (even if you’re more fumble fingered than adept, like me). I’m also a fan of Better Than False Lashes, by Too Faced, part of the new Fall Collection, Discover The Art of Sexy. Shop Too Faced NEW Fall 2012 Collection Now!which are brush on false lashes that actually extend the length of your lash and adhere for longer than it takes to get to the appetizers.


Best of all: As per the Too Faced website, if you put in the code: INSUREME with your order, you will get a free sample of their best-selling eye shadow primer Shadow Insurance.

Here’s looking at you!

What eye makeup (or other) products do you find you can’t live without?







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  1. I LOVE too faced cosmetics! And I’m itching to try the new eyeliner myself. I just put in an order for mine and am looking forward to getting it in the mail!

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