BlogHer12: Sharing Who I Met; What I Learned

So, BlogHer12 is over, but not forgotten in my mind and my heart. All the wonderful new friends I made, all the great new knowledge I’ve gained, and yes, I admit it the fantastic swag that I was lucky to have come my way, has made this an amazing experience.

So, I will share with you what I learned from the conference, and who I learned it from

Tanya Toledano, (@Montreal_Mom): Taught me that to be successful at increasing your twitter followers, you must use hashtags! The result: I’ve gained over 200 new followers on twitter since I started implementing her words of wisdom. However, I might also look to increase my following some more in the future using services that can be provided by many companies, such as Tweeteev or other options you can find online! Tanya also brought me to several fun events, saved a seat for me at Martha Stewart’s luncheon, and generously gave me her pass to a Geek Bar session on podcasting. Big Kisses!!

Holly Rosen Fink, (@TheCulture Mom): She is an amazing and generous person who adeptly combines her love of culture with advocacy. She was a producer for this year’s Listen to Your Mother, NYC, the show “giving motherhood a voice” that I was cast in. We hung together several times during the conference (albeit briefly), but she introduced me to her friends, one of which was the lovely Elissa Freeman, who is named Toronto’s top 150 influencers and Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women. Here are Holly and Elissa at the Katie Couric luncheon; and I must admit I have a girl crush on Katie who “felt bad that Sarah Palin wasn’t performing well,” in her infamous interview with her. Katie will have a new show called the Katie Show, and will be including bloggers in the show. I think she will be great for women, and I think I said that over and over during the lunch.

Barbara Feldman: Barbara, publisher of SurfnetKids is a visionary that created a business publishing online before people even knew that you could. I plan to pick her brain in the near future.

Lisen Stromberg: Because Lisen, my soul sister from California is a fellow journalist and blogger who writes about women’s issues (read this excellent piece on the future of feminism), has an interest in politics; is gorgeous and so much fun to be around. And because we rocked the Bloomers BoomBox party Saturday night.

Melissa Chapman of I Married my Sugar Daddy: Because this lady truly knows how to work a room, and those sharing her spotlight can only benefit from her brilliance. She did once seek a sugar daddy and the arrangement worked so well for her that she actually fell in love with him and married him. Her charm and charisma were obviously able to win over a man who said he never wanted a relationship. It’s no surprise that so many people have sought after a sugar daddy now because of her success! Thankfully, there are plenty of sites out there that can help.

Me and the Lorax. Nuff said.

Lysol Charging Station: For saving my iPhone before it crashed, and for entertaining me with a song from a musician about my blog, and its formerly long name (yes, I changed it after the song from Musings on Motherhood, Mid-Life, and Other Forms of Madness, to the easier to say, Musings on Motherhood and Mid-Life. What do you think? I also had the opportunity to hang out with the lovely Jenn Steinberg from Mothers & More.

VOTY: Because I know The Squashed Mom, producer of LTYM, loved Fearless Formula Feeder, and Shari Simpson of Earth Mother just means I’m Dusty, was hilarious in her rendition of an evening at Aaron Spelling’s house during a visit from “Aunt Flo”. And because I was an Honoree, for my op-ed piece, “We Changed the Conversation

Here’s the wonderful and uber-talented Ann Imig, mother of Listen to Your Mother at the VOTY reception, who graciously signed my LTYM book that SnapFish created. Kirsten Piccini my LTYM cast mate also signed my book during the newbie breakfast.

Here I am after VOTY, riding around Manhattan with Elissa Freeman (who also took my VOTY pics)

Jonni Hegenderfer, CEO and Chief Vision Officer of JSH&A, creator of the ultimate “bring you back to childhood” experience. The Hershey suite was truly an impressive way for a corporation to connect with bloggers via the allure of roasting s’mores. We took a marshmallow, roasted it over a fire, and then slapped it on a graham cracker with a piece of Hershey’s chocolate. Yumm! It was just the treat I was looking for; and the folks at Hershey were friendly and kind. A blogger’s paradise. Here’s a photo of me and Jonni (can you see the setup for roasting s’mores in the background)?

After getting my flash camera (note to self: update to new iPhone with flash), I took a photo in front of the VOTY sign the next day.

And pointing to my name…

I was able to enjoy myself at BlogHer12 from Thursday-Sunday, because Oumie (South African for grandmother) watched my daughter while I was away. Thanks Oumie!!

BlogHer13 in Chicago next year? You betcha! Who will join me?

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13 thoughts on “BlogHer12: Sharing Who I Met; What I Learned”

  1. Hi Deborah, You were super busy, so I figured we’d reconnect at a later time. Was great to see you even for a minute there. To be continued…

  2. I lost you before I could sign our LTYM book.  I hope that we are soon reunited, and I’m able to add my heartfelt words of praise and admiration.  Until soon…

  3. I lost you before I could sign our LTYM book.  I hope that we are soon reunited, and I’m able to add my heartfelt words of praise and admiration.  Until soon…

  4. Melissa,
    So glad you feel the way I do about those gals. It was great meeting you at the S’mores Suite. How do you feel BlogHer12 differed from past ones?

  5. Holly, thanks so much for commenting. You inspire me, and I’m so excited to see what you’ll do next.  Estelle

  6. You are such an important part of my life and I feel that you will always be a part of it now.  Thanks for mentioning me in your superb wrap up. I’m glad that you got so much out of BlogHer.  It’s important to see them, there are so many.

    1. Shari, my pleasure! You truly were one of the highlights of VOTY for me. Looking forward to our lunch next month!

  7. Love this post – and those pix of you by the Voices of the Year look fabulous!  I may change careers!!! It was wonderful meeting and here’s to keeping in touch…

    1. Yes, Elissa I neglected to credit you for the photos and the styling! Loving your posts and tweets! Estelle

  8. Estelle this is a fabulous wrap up! You really got the whole experience. I am already looking forward to spending some time in Chicago in ’13–and before that in NY.

    1. Hi Jory, thanks so much for commenting! It was wonderful seeing you on the big screen to open BlogHer. So glad we’ve reconnected and look forward to visiting with you after your little one arrives.

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