Dress Barn is My Favorite Fashion Secret


Dress Barn dressing
Here I am with my husband celebrating my birthday last year wearing a Dress Barn Tunic that looks like a Pucci with tights and boots. Throughout the winter, I wear it with leggings.

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

I’ve always prided myself on dressing well. Save for a brief lapse right after giving birth (who knew the J. Crew t-shirts were so form-fitting, and nobody told me that I couldn’t wear my maternity pants six months after labor), I think I’ve mostly worn the right clothes to flatter my curvy, tall figure.

Many of the dresses in department stores except for Bloomingdales, which I love  either don’t have enough material, or are made for women with a short waist (which is why I can’t wear those A-line dresses-the waist comes up as empire on me). I’m looking at you Boden.

As a midlife fairly new mom, I find that I traverse the range of events that I need to dress for.   Between blogging conferences, special events, date nights out with my husband and the rare soiree I need  the right outfit to wear and I don’t want to blow my entire clothing budget on just one dress.

Many times people tell me they like what I’m wearing and ask where I got it. Usually, I say, “Oh, I picked it up at a boutique.” So, here’s my big secret:  I get some of my favorite clothes from Dress Barn. I got engaged wearing a Dress Barn dress; I wore a Dress Barn dress  to my bridal shower; and probably would have bought my wedding dress there if they sold wedding dresses (hint, maybe they should). Basically, Dress Barn has been there for me through every big moment of my life.

Most women don’t realize that Dress Barn (and no I’m not an affiliate, nor is this a sponsored post–I just like them), have a plethora of flattering, non-matronly tunic tops and beautiful cocktail dresses, as well as leggings (although my favorite leggings are still the wide-waist ones from Hue that thanks to Pinterest Told Me To…, I now know about).

A caveat: You do have to carefully go through the merchandise. Some of it is over-the-top; too sparkly; too flowing; too boldly colored, and even sometimes matronly. However, in my opinion, some of the best finds in fashion are found at Dress Barn.

So, since seeing is believing, here are some more examples of me in Dress Barn tops and dresses.

60s dress from Dress Barn
I love this dress that has a strong sixties flair with bell sleeves and a light chain along the bottom. The taupe stands out from the black. I wore it to a ’60s party, with tights and boots, and also wore it for a night out with nude pumps. I accessorized with a purple and beige rope necklace.
Champaign dress from Dress Barn
I wore this gorgeous champaign-colored dress to a wedding last year accessorized with nude pumps. I love how figure-flattering the dress is.
My daughter's birthday party
I wore this Dress Barn leopard style top for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, with skinny jeans and gray boots. I can’t believe how dark my hair was a few years ago, and what was with that red background?
Black fancy dress from Dress Barn.
I wore this gorgeous A-line black dress to an event last year. Love how elegant I felt in the dress.

So, what do you think? Do you like these selections? Would you consider buying your clothes from Dress Barn now that you’ve seen how pretty and stylish the clothes are?

I haven’t posted very much this month and that’s because shortly I’m headed to Australia  for a fun family trip, my brother-in-law’s wedding and a chance for my daughter to spend time there with her South African grandparents and her cousins. Follow me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/EstelleSErasmus to see my adventures, and what I’ll be wearing.

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 What is your best-kept fashion secret? 

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67 thoughts on “Dress Barn is My Favorite Fashion Secret”

  1. Estelle, you would look gorgeous in a burlap bag, but I am taking your recommendation to heart. Googling where the nearest Dress Barn is now.

    1. Helene,
      You are so sweet. Thank you. You can also order online and then return if you need to the nearest store. Not all the stores carry the same items.

    1. Jo-Lynne, I think you’ll find that so many of the tunics and dresses are on-trend and well-made. Let me know what you think.

    1. Thanks Amiyrah. I think also that the dresses (most of them) are of a high quality and look far pricier than they actually are.

  2. Looking good! I had been sleeping on Dress Barn’s clothes. They are reasonably priced and look good. I’ll have to visit my local store and give them some play.
    Rachee recently posted..The Idea of BirthMy Profile

  3. I love Dressbarn and have been shopping there for years now. Their clothes are very well made, wash well and look great! I love the leopard top you wore in the pic! Thanks for sharing!
    Janel C. recently posted..Grilled Mac & Cheese SandwichMy Profile

  4. You’re right, you do have a good eye for items that are very flattering. I love every style that you have showcased.

  5. you got some really cute dresses and outfits. I need to go to dress barn and get some new things. My clothes are wearing out!

  6. All I can say is you look so vavoomish in some of those outfits.
    You always dress perfectly, but that champagne dress? Wow!

    I haven’t been to Dress Barn in years. As a mom and now working from home, I live in sweats and sneakers.

    With so many Dress Barns around, I am going back. Will you come with me, Estelle? I don’t like to shop and am the world’s worst at it!


    PS Have a great time away, and let me know what you name is on Instagram. I’ve always wanted to take a trip to where you’re going, so for now I’ll live vicariously through you! xoxo
    Cathy Chester recently posted..My Day Of Zen: Being In The Audience For The Daily ShowMy Profile

  7. I am so glad you let us in on your little secret! Now I can’t wait to find a Dress Barn near me and check it out. However, I think you would look good in a burlap bag. 😉

  8. Haven’t been a Dress Barn for years! Will have to check them out again when we move back to the USA in June. Am pretty sure Australia doesn’t have them.

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