I’m a Poet and I Know It



I’ve always had a gift for rhyme. Maybe it’s because I love working with words and using them; and maybe it’s because I love to sing and once upon a time studied voice, but I can  easily create a highly personalized poem or rap or song parody, which makes me a hit at parties.

Case in point:

I wrote this for a friend’s baby shower. She had recently started a Happiness Project group.

Our friend is having a baby boy
It’s clear she’s feeling so much joy
Her Happiness Project a success
A beautiful home; with looks she’s blessed
______’s  family will be complete
So please join us for this special fete!


And this is part of a 10 stanza rap (with Chorus) I wrote for a good friend’s birthday celebration:

Kenny flourished in his career and through him I met my Werner
He knew it before I did that love was just around the corner
I got married in Maui, my Man of Honor was Ken
It was camp for adults we partied all week back then

We love you Kenny oh yes we do
We don’t love anyone as much as you
When you’re not near us we’re blue
Oh Kenny we love you

My friend you make me feel good, always took good care of me
Whenever I’m with Kenny there’s no chance for misery
You’re special, you’re family and a big part of my history

And I wrote this rap piece (Listen to Your Mother: It’s a W(rap) to express my experience of being in the New York production of Listen to Your Mother last year. This one is a poem in the style of Dr. Seuss: What Do You See When you Look at Me

So I’m just going to put it out there that I would be thrilled to personalize a song, or write a rap or poem for you, your friends, co-workers, colleagues or blogger friends or for an upcoming conference or event you are holding. If you know marketers who are interested in my services please send them my way, too.

So…If you need a poem, a rhyme or a song parody, spread the news far and wide and send your friends to me.

If you would like to explore or discuss cost  leave a comment below or email me at esobelerasmus@gmail.com.

So what do you think? Is there a market for what I do? I’m available. Leave me a comment.


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20 thoughts on “I’m a Poet and I Know It”

  1. There is, indeed, a market–my mom has sold many a rhyming ditty like these. Good luck, and charge per line!

  2. Estelle: This has been one of my favorite things to do since I wrote all the poems for my Bat mitzvah candlelighting ceremony by myself. I have always said that if there was paid work to be found in writing lyrics to other’s people’s songs, I would be a rich girl! I was that girl at camp writing color war songs, the girl in the sorority making people cry by changing the words to the Theme from Tootsie and applying them to friendship. I hope this new venture brings you much joy and success! If you expand your operations to Israel, I will gladly franchise it. 😉

    1. Hi Jen,
      Thanks so much. I think a poem based to the theme from Tootsie would be really cool:)

  3. I love this! I’m sure there’s a market! I did this for all three of my kids when they were little, but all to the same tune: Perelli’s Miracle Elixer from Sweeney Todd. The inspiration is dark, but the songs are hilarious!

    1. Thanks Aliza. It’s so much fun; so I hope that it can meet someone’s needs; ideally a corp with deep pockets.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      It’s definitely something I enjoy doing; glad to hear you appreciate the creativity of your in-laws.

  4. Would you like my husband to set some music to these? He is composing a lot this summer. I think you have a wonderful gift! I think for SURE your services could be used. It is almost like a commercial jingle! You should definitely advertise!

    1. Hi Noelle,
      Wow. We should talk. The rap one already was to the tune of “We love you….”; but it may be worth doing with some thing in the future.

  5. Loving the rap! Perhaps you have a future as a song writer for some hot new pop act. I mean, anything is better than “baby, baby, baby – oh!” 😉

  6. You are so creative! I love it! I have a friend who raps on NYE every year. It’s a year in review for all of the people at the party – it’s amazing! You should add that to your list of skills 🙂

    1. Carrie, that’s a great idea. I was hoping that corporations might come calling but parties are good, too.

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