Fun With Words Friday: The Mask I Wear

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

I’m trying something new: every Friday I will do a post using word play. I love to have fun with words: whether writing a poem (I’m great at parties because I can do them on the spot; even in a song), or using alliteration–back from my days as a magazine editor, it worked wonders to use alliteration for cover lines.

Eventually, I plan to make this a linky (linking up to the posts of others who are also enjoying Fun With Words Friday).

Since I am participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for October, I’m writing about the theme for the month, masks.

Here it is: my first Fun with Words Friday Feature (see, there’s the alliteration again).

The Mask I Wear

If you look at me and the mask I wear

You wouldn’t think I had a care

But that’s not true, and you know why?

I worry day and night OH MY!

The lists I make, I check them twice

Appointments, deadlines…roll the dice

Must buy a gift, must send an email

Arrange family dentist visits without fail

I think about the things I do, and worry about what falls through

Are you like me? I think you might

So tell me how you make it right


So….how do you handle the stresses of constant to-do lists? Are you a worrier, like me? I want to know!!

Happy Fun with Words Friday!!



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5 thoughts on “Fun With Words Friday: The Mask I Wear”

  1. I like this – Fun with Word Friday. This week, I had my son issue me a guilt trip that showed me how pulled in many directions I’ve become. It is definitely time for some family time this weekend! I do worry. I make lists. I do all sorts of complicated calendars to keep up with everything. And then, sometimes, a hug will break me and put me back together again. I look forward to reading more Fun with words Fridays! Sign me up for the linky!

    1. HI Liesl,
      Thanks! I’m working on getting the linky. Need a wordpress plugin. What is your website?

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